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Entwistle announces BBC Operations to close, Thomson leaving

Entwistle announces BBC Operations to close, Thomson leaving
Staff Reporter
18 September 2012

The new BBC director general George Entwistle has announced in his first day in the job that BBC Operations will be closed and chief operating officer Caroline Thomson will leave the corporation at the end of this month.

The management board will be reduced from 25 to just 12. BBC Operations and BBC Finance will merge and be run by the current director of finance Zarin Patel.

In a speech to BBC staff, Entwistle said that he wants to prevent "internal competition… duplication… leaking, briefing against each other…..In an increasingly competitive world we can't afford to squander."

“I intend to change the way we’re led to put the emphasis where it belongs – on creative people doing creative things; on our audiences and the exceptional quality of work they deserve,” he told staff across the BBC.“I want to make a promise – to listen to you and to work tirelessly on fixing the things that get in the way of high creative quality, making the BBC a place where you really can do your best, and deliver the best of British creativity to our audiences.”

Entwistle said that he aims for the BBC to be as good as it has been in its coverage of the Olympics all the time.

Entwistle said his focus on creativity could not be in isolation of the BBC’s financial challenges, but savings could not just be imposed from the centre. Instead, front-line content makers also needed to be responsible for cost savings – incentivised by allowing them to reinvest some of the savings in better funded output.

His first press interview as director general was published today in the Radio Times.

Asked what has he learned about the Corporation over the years, Entwistle said: “The original letter I wrote as part of the [director-general] application process said I both love the BBC and at times find it an immensely frustrating place. It can feel – and this has been true the whole time I have been here – that the way the organisation is run is somehow slightly dislocated from the thing the organisation is for: outstanding creative originality and outstanding journalistic quality.”

Entwistle vowed to “go to war on... every bit of the design and structure and management of every bit of the culture that isn't optimised for that.”

"My hunch," he added, "is that there isn't a single bit of the BBC that, in places, can't do better."

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