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Deluxe makes 45 redundancies as part of UK restructure

Deluxe makes 45 redundancies as part of UK restructure
Jake Bickerton
30 August 2012

Deluxe has shed 45 UK jobs as part of a restructure of its UK services. The restructure follows recent efforts by Deluxe to “realigned its focus from traditional laboratory services towards digitally-enabled workflow solutions across all platforms,” it says.

Deluxe’s UK businesses now fit into three strategic divisions – Creative, Media Services and Distribution – led by Warren Stein, Rob Seidel and Ken Biggins respectively.

As part of the restructure, parts of Deluxe 142, Deluxe Digital Studios and ITFC have been merged under the Media Services division.

Deluxe’s Creative division includes Deluxe 142’s TV post production operation, Rushes, Method and Company 3.

The 45 redundancies resulting from the restructure have mostly come about through the merger of Deluxe’s media services companies.

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