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DPP publishes report on broadcasters’ tech needs

DPP publishes report on broadcasters’ tech needs
Staff Reporter
28 November 2017

The DPP (Digital Production Partnership) has published a new report from its Meet the UK Broadcasters event, documenting the key priorities for the technology leaders of Sky, UKTV, ITV, BT Sport, ITN, Channel 4 and the BBC.

“These seven senior technology executives gave frank and compelling reports from the front line of transformation in the media sector,” said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “Their insights make for market analysis of the highest quality. It was a privilege for DPP Members to hear their views.”

The new report, Meet the UK Broadcasters 2017, summarises the presentations made by the tech bosses at an event for DPP members held in London in early November. The presentation were made by Andy Beale, Chief Engineer, BT Sport; Bevan Gibson, CTO, ITN; Sinead Greenaway, CTO/Director of Operations, UKTV; Tom Griffiths, Director of Broadcast and Distribution Technology, ITV; Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, Broadcast Strategy, Sky; Matthew Postgate, Chief Technology and Product Officer, BBC and Orpheus Warr, CTO, Channel 4

The report summarises the current priorities of each of the broadcasters with direction on new content supply chains, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the application of data analytics, cyber security and the advertising supply chain among other issues.

Meet the UK Broadcasters 2017 is available now to download for all DPP Members.

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