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DPP proposes £4k membership fee for post production

DPP proposes £4k membership fee for post production
David Wood
11 March 2015

The Digital Production Partnership has unveiled its proposals for its future membership fee structure, suggesting a membership fee of £4,000 for post houses with a turnover above £1m.

To get full access to all the benefits of being a member of the DPP, post houses with a turnover of less than £1m would pay £2,000.

Manufacturers with a turnover over £10m would pay £10,000 a year.

The DPP hopes to introduce its new structure by the beginning of April.

The foundation membership fee would be frozen for three years.

The DPP has also dropped its proposal to issue members with a kite mark for DPP compliance, an idea which has proved controversial amongst post companies.

Many post house have voiced their disapproval of the kite mark proposal with post lobby group UK Screen understood to have written to the DPP pointing out that 40 facilities have already been ‘on boarded’ by broadcasters and that any kite mark would be confusing and could distort the marketplace, disadvantaging companies who were not DPP members.

UK Screen has also pointed out that broadcasters such as Sky, BT Sport and C5 have not made a financial contribution to the DPP yet still derive many of the benefits from file-base delivery.

The running costs of the DPP to date have been borne by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, but it is now seeking to broaden its core membership to kit manufacturers and post production companies.

The DPP says that while the founder broadcasters remain committed to providing further financial support, as the DPP looks to its next phase of work it has to ask it’s members for a contribution to the running costs.

The benefits include full access to the compliance programme from 1 April 2015, free attendance at Interoperability days, membership of the founder members forum, the opportunity to contribute to the DPP’s roadmap, free attendance at DPP events and free access to the full versions of all DPP publications.

UK Screen plans to issue a response to the DPP’s proposals imminently.

CEO Sarah Mackey said: “It’s not for me to stop the DPP from changing its funding model but if that funding model has the potential to distort the post production market then we have to step in.”

The DPP aims to spend another two weeks consulting on the plans before putting its new membership structure in place at the beginning of April.

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Mike Teevee
Mike Teevee  | March 11, 2015
Q. How can we deliver 4k?
A. Cash, cheque or bank transfer

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