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DPP launches Live Technical Standards

DPP launches Live Technical Standards
Staff Reporter
08 October 2012

The Digital Production Partnership has unveiled its technical standard for delivery of live television programmes.

Following the agreement of UK file delivery standards for programmes, the DPP identified the need to standardise live programme delivery amongst UK broadcasters, focusing on HD.

The new standards add to to the DPP’s existing programme delivery standards, covering programme contribution by satellite links, fibre or microwave links.

It recommends the use of MPEG-4 where possible as it gives a superior quality over MPEG-2 for a given data rate. It also covers recommended practices for the delivery of stereo and multichannel audio, as well as other technical parameters that need to be standardised.

These guidelines will enable production companies and outside broadcast facilities, which supply multiple live programmes to the UK broadcasters, to move to common standards and working practices.

"Having one standard for live programme delivery across the industry is of huge benefit in standardising current industry practice, improving delivery processes and saving costs." says Kevin Burrows, chief technical officer, Broadcast and Distribution, Channel 4, and chair of the DPP technical standards working group.

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