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Crystal's Opening Ceremony imagery on huge audience 'screen'

Crystal's Opening Ceremony imagery on huge audience 'screen'
Staff Reporter
30 July 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony saw animated images from Crystal CG displayed across 634,500 pixels covering the entire expanse of audience seating, from the arena to the edge of the Olympic stadium.

The images were designed to bring director Danny Boyle’s vision of audience inclusiveness to life, allowing the spectators to become part of the action.

The giant video screen was made up of small paddle-shaped Pixel Tablets designed by Tait Technologies, each attached to a seat in the stadium and bearing 9 full colour pixels arranged in a square. Together, the 70,500 Pixel Tablets created a screen of unprecedented size, on which Crystal’s digital animations were displayed.

A range of images, including a computer generated image of the birth of the internet, started on the field of play and shot outwards into the audience and beyond. A total of more than 70 minutes of animations were all custom designed for the concave, bowl shape of the 360˚ screen.

 “No longer limited by large flat screens, we were presented with the challenge of creating animations to bring the stage and the spectators together,” said Will Case, creative director at Crystal. “The live audience and those watching at home were drawn into the action. We are witnessing the end of the traditional video screen – this will transform the way event content is presented in future, becoming a more immersive experience.”

The project was delivered in 14 weeks with a team of 50 designers from Crystal London with support from Crystal Group. The first tests were performed in the Olympic Stadium on 10th July and final test run at the dress rehearsals last week.

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