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Condom, No Condom?

Condom, No Condom?
Staff Reporter
11 November 2010

Omni Productions' latest safe sex campaign on behalf of NHS Choices is Condom, No Condom?, an interactive YouTube-based film designed to target the youth market.

Depending on the choice made, viewers see a variety of different scenarios designed to reflect the real life choices made when it comes to relationships and sex. The 'right' safe sex choice leads to a few saucy scenes, the wrong choice can lead you straight to the clinic for an uncomfortable appointment.‚Ä®

Director of Omni Productions, Richard Penfold, says: "Young people are bombarded with messages about what they should and shouldn't do in their everyday lives; we wanted to actively engage young people by producing a thought provoking campaign designed to get them to make their own choices."

The film is the third production Omni has managed for the NHS. Last Christmas Omni released two viral films to raise awareness of the 'hidden' sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia.

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