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Canon C300 is UK's most rented camera of the year

Canon C300 is UK's most rented camera of the year
Jake Bickerton
14 February 2014

For the last eight years, Televisual has surveyed the UK’s camera hire market to reveal the 10 most hired cameras of the year. The results for the last year are now in and published in the March issue of Televisual magazine, which is available now.

The market for new cameras has been slightly less frenetic over the last 12 months compared to recent years. Instead of the endless sweep of change, it’s been more about small steps forward.

The new models coming out in 2013 were either variations of existing cameras or models that filled genuine gaps in existing camera lineups. The camera hire market is still evenly split between large-sensor models and traditional HD broadcast cameras.

The two most popular cameras in this year’s top 10 are large-sensor models, and there are another three large-sensor cameras in the top 10. But elsewhere in the list are equally popular HD production workhorses as well as HD models aimed at self-shooters, more suited to ‘run-and-gun’ filming.

At the top of the list is the Canon C300, which has been around for a couple of years yet still has a major foothold in the market. Hot on its heels is the Arri Alexa – which could now be considered an elder statesman of the camera world – which remains the dominant model for high-end TV productions.

Six of the top 10 most hired models are non-movers, with the top 10 including only two new models – the Sony PMW-200 and Sony F55. Both of these have found a niché and, like the fairly well-established cameras in the rest of the top 10 list, are unlikely to be a mere flash in the pan success.

Looking to the coming year, there’s currently only one model that everyone agrees will make huge waves in 2014 – the Arri Amira. “The hotly anticipated release of the Amira is set to dominate the second half of 2014,” says Shift 4’s Thompson. “Arri’s positioning of the Amira and the range of lens mount options means we expect it to serve a broad spread of our current hire business.”

While Prime TV’s Ludlow adds: “For top-end documentary and factual programmes, the Amira is likely to take off as the first large sensor camera designed for this type of work rather than having to add endless accessories when you need to shoot quickly.”

The top 10 most rented cameras of 2013 are as follows:

01: Canon C300
“The general opinion of customers is you can’t go wrong with it – it’s a safe bet for all sorts of HD productions,” sums up Dan Wheeler, sales director, PEC.

02: Arri Alexa
“The Arri Alexa remains the camera of choice for high-end productions and commercials,” says Will Wilkinson, production director, The Cruet Company.

03: Sony PDW-F800
“The workhorse F800 XDCAM still remains our strongest performer, and is ultimately the most versatile and consistent camera format,” says Vicky Holden, md, Hotcam.

04=: Sony PMW-200
“The Sony PMW200 will be a popular choice for many broadcast productions in 2014,” believes Shaun Wilton, head of facilities, Shooting Partners.

04=: Canon XF-305
“The XF305 is still going strong and I can see it continuing to do so this year,” agrees Paul Sargeant, chief operations officer, Procam.

06: Red Epic
“We expect the combination of the carbon fibre lightweight camera with the Movi to be in high demand this year,” Patric Ralston, md, Fava.

07: Sony PMW-500
“Sony has produced the ultimate factual and news camera package with the BBC-approved PMW-500,” says Mark Sloper, md, 400 Company.

08: Sony F55
“The Sony PMW-F55 shows great promise and excellent functionality, particularly with 4K support,” says Barry Bassett, md, VMI.

09: Canon 5D MkIII
““Large sensor video cameras have taken over from DSLRs for customers wanting the large sensor look,” says Dan Wheeler, sales director, PEC.

10: Sony PDW-700
It’s all but game over for Sony’s PDW-700, with those after a traditional HD broadcast camera opting for one of Sony’s much more popular models.

How the survey works
At the beginning of the year, Televisual sent survey forms to a large assortment of camera hire companies, both large and small. Each was asked to list their five most rented cameras of 2013, along with the percentage of hires each model received. An overall ranking of the UK’s most rented models was then created by multiplying the average percentage usage of each model by how many hire companies listed it in their top five. Many thanks to the 26 hire companies who took part in this year’s survey.

To see the full six-page report, buy the March issue of Televisual magazine, available in newsagents throughout Soho and at

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