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CBeebies invests in art & science series Okido

CBeebies invests in art & science series Okido
Staff Reporter
11 September 2012

Animated art and science series Okido has been pre-bought by CBeebies for transmission in Autumn 2014/Spring 2015.

Presented this time last year by creative studio Squint/ Opera at Cartoon Forum in Poland, the concept is based on the art and science magazine for kids of the same name ,which is supported by the Wellcome Trust.  

The new venture will create an ‘Oki-pedia’ for kids on TV and digital platforms.  

Squint/Opera have developed the character Messy, a small monster, to lead the TV and take the viewers  on a voyage through a vortex of socks under their bed to Okido World, where they meet the twins Zoe and Felix.Together they search for answers that everyone wants to know, finding help along the way from the science trio Zim, Zam & Zoom

Squint/Opera who jointly own all rights with the magazine creators and publishers Sophie Dauvois and Rachel Ortas, are new to the world of children’s TV, but not to animation, having already created parts of the series Fonejacker for E4 and Hat Trick as well as design and branding work.

They have teamed up with Genevieve Dexter of production company Serious Lunch to take the pilot to Cartoon Forum and Cannes to raise the remainder of the £5m budget. 

Executive producer Jules Coke says, “We look forward to exploring overseas possibilities for the Okido brand, already strongly established in the UK due to the success of the magazine and workshops.”

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