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CBBC unveils new look and onscreen identity

CBBC unveils new look and onscreen identity
Staff Reporter
14 March 2016

Kids channel CBBC has unveiled a new on screen look and identity.

Designed by Red Bee, the new look is designed to appeal to CBBC’s age range of 6-12 year olds and work across multiple platforms.

CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor said the channel's old green and black logo, which has been in use for almost a decade ‘just wasn't devised to perform in a variety of digital spaces which means that it doesn't work in the way that we want it to today.’

She added: “Our new logo is not overt, it doesn't scream ‘Children's TV’ but its various iterations are fun and unpredictable and have broad appeal.”

In a blog on the BBC, Taylor explained the thinking behind the new logo further: “Back in 2007 we could never have imagined just how emphatically the CBBC audience (6-12 year olds) were going to lead the on-demand revolution and embrace so many different types of content on a mind-expanding array of devices.

“Our job is to keep one step ahead of this agile age group – celebrating their immersion in all things digital whilst maintaining all the CBBC qualities that we know our viewers love. We've worked hard to ensure that our content does just that – reflects our audience on all our platforms and is ready for action when and how they want it.

“We are now the proud owners of a versatile and dynamic logo which works in every space and is designed to appeal to both ends of our broad age spectrum. Whether on large-screen TVs or hand-held devices our new brand identity is bright, mischievous and sophisticated – just like the CBBC audience who helped us to choose it and have told us they love it!”

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