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C5 orders two plastic surgery specials from Transparent

C5 orders two plastic surgery specials from Transparent
Pippa Considine
30 January 2014

Transparent TV, part of Argonon, has been commissioned by Channel 5 to make two hour-long specials following it's plastic surgery show Botched Up Bodies for the channel.

Botched Up Abroad will look at Brits who pay for cosmetic surgery, as part of their holiday packages, and Botched Up Brides will look at operations that have gone wrong before the bride’s big day.
The specials have been commissioned by Jason Wells, factual and factual entertainment commissioning executive at Channel 5. Jazz Gowans will be the executive producer from Transparent TV.
Botched Up Brides will give the viewer an insight into the growing trend of ‘bridalplasty’, where women are going under the knife in order to achieve perfection for their big day. The programme will show the ill-desired effects of the cosmetic procedures sought by women who find that finding the perfect dress is not enough.
Botched Up Abroad reveals the growing trend of holidaymakers looking for sun, sea and plastic surgery. As 100,000 Brits travel abroad each year for cosmetic procedures, the programme will examine how the procedures often have to be fixed by surgeons at home when the victims return to the UK.
Botched Up Bodies returned to Channel 5 earlier this month following its launch in January 2013. The latest series, which followed the surgeries of unfortunate individuals with devastating procedures, including exploding buttock implants and blinding eye colourations, opened with 1.4 million viewers and an 8.4% share, double the slot average when it aired at the beginning of January 2014.
The contributors’ stories are told through interviews, in-theatre footage of the surgeries and interviews with the surgeons who hope to rebuild the people who have been emotionally and physically scarred by bungled cosmetic enhancements.

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