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C4 to broadcast live from space

C4 to broadcast live from space
Tim Dams
09 January 2014

Channel 4 is to air a Live from Space Season in March which will culminate in a live two-hour broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS).
Channel 4 head of specialist factual David Glover has ordered three shows from Arrow Media for the season, presented by Dermot O’Leary.

Live from Space: Lap of the Planet (w/t) will interact with the astronauts onboard the ISS as they travel around the world in 90 minutes, revealing views of Earth that will be broadcast in HD.

Arrow Media will also produce Astronauts: Living in Space (w/t) and Astronauts: Houston We Have a Problem (w/t), which will air in the same week as the live event.

Glover said: “The ISS is a incredible example of humans working together. To have been granted this access by NASA to the ISS and Mission Control is a true British TV first. We hope to show what life on board is really like, what happens when things go wrong and then finally giving viewers a live lap of planet Earth.”
Arrow Media creative director Tom Brisley said: “Live from Space Season takes live event television to a new dimension. Travelling at nearly 300 miles a minute or 17,500 miles per hour, the International Space Station (ISS) makes a complete orbit of the Earth every 90 minutes. In our live two-hour special we will literally take viewers around the world. The live visuals, as we look back down to Earth from 250 miles above, will be breathtaking."
Onboard the ISS, live links will be to English speaking astronauts Rick Mastracchio (American) and Koichi Wakata (Japanese).

On the ground Dermot O’Leary and space veteran Mike Massimino will be presenting from Mission Control. Also taking part are Professor Stephen Hawking and British astronaut Tim Peake, who is himself set to join the crew onboard the ISS in 2015.
Astronauts: Living in Space
(1 x 60’) will document what it is like to live and work in space for months at a time, through the eyes of astronauts Rick and Koichi and their families, with additional material from Mike Hopkins and other astronauts. It will include behind-the-scenes footage from their lift-off in Baikonur, Kazakhstan – including pre-launch and launch, then their arrival on the ISS.
Astronauts: Houston We Have a Problem (1 x 60’) will focus on Mission Control, which opens its doors to allow cameras to follow the work of the flight controllers, scientists, engineers and medics who support the crew in space.

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les  | January 9, 2014
That's good Lets hope they don't spend the the whole time with the camera pointing inside the the space station as we all know what the inside looks like and lets hope they don't keep flicking from outside to inside every few seconds

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