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Blinkink's Elliot Dear creates waste land for Jon Hopkins

Blinkink's Elliot Dear creates waste land for Jon Hopkins
Jon Creamer
09 October 2018

Blinkink’s Elliot Dear has created a second promo for Jon Hopkins with a stop frame piece for the track Feel First life.

In the promo, the audience is transported to a deserted post-apocalyptic landscape full of dust and destruction, the earth that used to be.‚Ä®‚Ä®Dear’s handcrafted world ranges from a dilapidated space observatory to the lonely remains of a demolished fairground. Exploring the deserted world is a figure derived from an assortment of natural and manmade debris, which comes together as an anthropomorphic character roaming the landscape in search of signs of life.‚Ä®‚Ä®

The video was created using a mixture of stop motion and live action techniques.

Director: Elliot Dear
Executive Producer: James Bretton
Producer: Alex Halley
Production Manager: Sandy Liddle
Storyboards: Simon Cartwright
Concept Art: Stephen McNally
DOP: Max Halstead
Animation Rigger: Dan Gill
Stop Motion Animator: Steve Warne
Lead Puppet Modeller: Elliot Dear
Senior Puppet Modeller: Magdalena Bieszczak
Art Director: Emma-Rose Dade
Model Maker: Kat Simpson
Model Maker: Adeena Grubb
Model Maker: Catherine Prowse
Model Maker: Rebecca Howell
Model Maker: Jack Charrington
Art Department Runner: Meg DuPont
Runner: Ernie Griffith
Editor: Elliot Dear
Compositor: Elliot Dear
Compositor: John Malcolm Moore
Compositor: Luke Simpson

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