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Blinkink’s Andersen M's handcrafted ad for P&O

Blinkink’s Andersen M's handcrafted ad for P&O
Jon Creamer
11 January 2016

Siblings Line and Martin Andersen, AKA Blinkink directing duo Andersen M, handcrafted this commercial for P&O through MRM Meteorite.

P&O Ferries from Blink on Vimeo.

‘Your Trip. Your Ship’ distills the adventurous spirit of a holiday via a P&O ferry; from discovering new places to trying new things, Andersen M used papercraft and hand made every intricate element.

The making of 'P&O Ferries - Your Trip. Your Ship' from Andersen M Studio on Vimeo.


Directed by
Andersen M
Produced by Blinkink

Executive Producer
James Stevenson Bretton, Bart Yates
Kev Harwood
Junior Producer
Alli Albion
Max Halstead
Andy Biddle
Assistant Animator
Lizzy Dalton
Art Director
Andersen M
Lead Model Maker
Cat Johnston
Model Makers
Hannah Blows, Maria Sams, Emma Rose Dade
Post Production Supervisor
Felip Docolomansky
Dave O’Neill
Post Production Studio
Blinkink Studio
Making Of
Sam Davis
Joseph Bicknell @ CHEAT
Sound Mix
Richard Evans @ Syncbox
MRM Meteorite (UK)
Agency Creatives
Pete Williams Chris Day
Agency Producer
Shura Castellvi-Kellhofer

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