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Big Lazy Robot uses iPi Motion Capture for short film

Big Lazy Robot uses iPi Motion Capture for short film
Staff Reporter
31 October 2012

Design/animation boutique Big Lazy Robot has made this two-minute CG trailer as a teaser for its sci-fi feature Keloid, which is in development.

Using iPi Motion Capture, with two Kinect cameras, together with Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max and Nuke compositing software, the Keloid trailer is a taster for what Barcelona-based Big Lazy Robot plans as a feature length animated film.

“We’re mostly known for our visual effects work in advertising, but every now and then we like to experiment and do something on our own to showcase our skills and give free reign to our potential,” says JJ Palomo, creative director of Big Lazy Robot. “One of our animators came up with the idea of a mechanical SWAT force rushing into a clandestine drug lab also operated by robots. The idea was appealing, but we knew the conceptual treatment would require extensive amounts of motion capture to bring the troop of six robot soldiers to life with synchronized military precision as they enter the abandoned warehouse that is the setting for much of the trailer.”

The iPi Motion Capture has been designed as affordable motion capture system for companies where traditional marker systems and green screen stages are out of practical reach.

“We used iPi Motion Capture to animate the main robots, and because we wanted a more realistic approach in the biped animation, coupled with our small staff, we could not afford to spend a lot of time digitally animating robots into the scenes,” says Palomo.

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