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Bait Studio's stop motion titles for ITV2's Switch

Bait Studio's stop motion titles for ITV2's Switch
Staff Reporter
23 October 2012

Bait Studio designed and produced this title sequence for ITV2’s new supernatural drama, Switch. The six-part series centres on a group of 20-something witches trying to make their way in the world.

Paul Nicholas, Bait Studio's Creative Director, said: “Using stop-motion allowed us to match the quirky tone of the series, while still maintaining an organic and tangible feel.   This meant spending plenty of time in pre-production and planning each shot meticulously.  We created a comprehensive computer generated animatic to shoot from and worked very closely with the show’s Executive Producer at each step of the process”.

Client: Touchpaper Wales for ITV2
Creative Director:  Paul Nicholas
Lead Designer:  Nick Dacey
Producer:  Pete Rogers
Director of Photography:  James Daniels
Animator: Paul Thomas
Props: Lisa Kinsey
Production Supervisor: Giuliana Merenghi

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