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BVE: Arri launches biggest brightest lamp

BVE: Arri launches biggest brightest lamp
David Wood
25 February 2015

Arri has added to its lighting range at BVE with the launch of its L10-TT lamp.

The fully tunable light can fine tune the tungsten colour temperature from 2,600 K to 3,600 K with increased brightness over the L10-C, and is particularly suited to applications requiring precise matching to conventional tungsten lampheads.

According to Arri the L10 is its brightest and largest L-Series lamphead.

It has a 10 inch Fresnel lens and is more than twice the brightness of the L7, making the L10  one of the brightest LED Fresnels on the market.

As with the other L-Series lights, the L10 comes in three versions: the L10-C (Color), L10-TT (Tungsten Tuneable) and L10-DT (Daylight Tuneable).

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