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BBC3 unveils new shows for online move on February 16

BBC3 unveils new shows for online move on February 16
Staff Reporter
26 January 2016

BBC3 has greenlit a range of new shows ahead of its switch to an online only platform on February 16.

They include a collaboration with Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures, new British drama Clique, new documentary Black Power, new formats Life And Death Row: Love Triangle and Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared, along with new platforms The Daily Drop and The Best Of.  

At an event for producers and press at the Oxo Tower in London last night, director general Tony Hall said the BBC would be the first broadcaster in the world to work out what it is going to be like in an on demand only world. “No TV channel has ever done this before. This is new, and let’s be clear, it is also risky. But risky in a way that it should be risky. If we don’t take risks, who is going to?”

BBC3 controller Damian Kavanagh called on producers ‘to continue bringing us your best ideas’, saying he had £30m to spend on ideas for young audiences: “We are reinventing our offer for young people, and want to be clear that this is just the start. We will iterate, adapt and ask you guys to come on this journey with us. Some things won’t work, but we have the ability to change tack very, very quickly."

Switchover night on Tuesday 16 February will see episode one of the new series of Cuckoo, the first film from the new series of Life And Death Row, and Live From The BBC, featuring new comedians, made available through BBC Three’s new online platform and BBC Three on iPlayer.
BBC Three also announced a range of comedy, drama and documentary commissions and formats These include:

- A collaboration between BBC Drama and Idris Elba’s production company, Green Door Pictures, to deliver a series of short films from new writers featuring new on-screen talent working alongside established on-screen talent.

- New contemporary drama Clique from writer Jess Brittain centred around two friends whose lives becoming increasingly complicated after starting university in Edinburgh. At 6 x 45mins, it’s a BBC Drama and Balloon Entertainment Co-production.

- New short form series Life Hacks with Ben Hart where he brings his magic to unsuspecting members of the public.

- New format Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared. Alys Harte and Bronagh Munro investigate the real-life disappearance of a teenager twenty years ago. The story will be told using a variety of formats, including video.

- Black Power. Dan Murdoch's follow up to KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy, which will see Murdoch revisit the USA and meet the Ku Klux Klan and Black Panther movements.

- New Stacey Dooley documentaries on attitudes to sex and prostitution in Turkey, Brazil and Russia and a new short film about the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne.
- Love Triangle, a standalone serial of 8x8 minute films from Life And Death Row. The films will follow a standalone story and be published at regular intervals alongside supporting documents including witness statements, secret police recordings and crime scene photographs.

BBC Three will also launch two new platforms: The Best Of - which will bring together original long form programmes and a range of new content, including short form films; and The Daily Drop - home to BBC Three’s new stream of daily content including short form videos, blogs, social media, image galleries, trending stories and daily updates from news and sport. The Daily drop will roll out in Beta over the next few days. The Best Of will launch in February.
Kavanagh said: “It's the same award winning programmes freed from the constraints of linear TV, and because we're freed from the schedule we can use whatever format and platform is most appropriate. The majority of what we will make is TV, like People Just Do Nothing, but we'll make short form video, blogs and picture led stories as well. We'll be on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and our new site The Daily Drop."
“In February our new drama Thirteen will include companion story Find The Girl that interweaves a character that exists wholly online. Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared and Emelia’s Story are exciting because we can now use different formats as well as TV to tell the story. Life Hacks shows how we can innovate with entertainment for new platforms.”
He added that honour killing film Murdered By My Father is good example of the creative freedom the new BBC3 has. “Murdered By My Boyfriend had to deliver at 60 minutes. In the edit this was running at 75. That’s fine now; we’re not constrained by timeslots. Whatever works for the story.”

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