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BBC3 plan to move online wins BBC Trust backing

BBC3 plan to move online wins BBC Trust backing
Staff Reporter
30 June 2015

The BBC Trust has provisionally given the greenlight for BBC3 to move to an online-only service, while rejecting corporation plans to launch a BBC1 +1 channel.

The Trust said it saw “clear long-term potential in a new online service that would save £30m a year”, adding that it believed it would be more distinctive than the existing BBC Three channel, whose audience is currently falling. 

But it said that the launch of +1 BBC1 channel would have an adverse market impact on commercial rivals, particularly ITV and Channel 5.

Meanwhile, the Trust has also said that the BBC iPlayer can be developed beyond its original remit to include more online-first and third party content.

The decision to approve the move of BBC3 online comes despite a spirited campaign to keep the broadcast channel open led by Hat Trick boss Jimmy Mulvile and Avalon founder Jon Thoday.

On BBC3, the Trust said 16 to 34 year olds are already far more likely than any other group to use online video services and the BBC is right to anticipate the need to serve this audience in new ways.
It also noted that switching BBC3 to an online service is likely to create a positive market impact for rival TV channels.

But the Trust said it was concerned about the short-term impact of this change, particularly the loss of younger viewers and the opportunity to try out new talent and ideas on BBC3.

As a result it urged the BBC to carry out a more carefully managed transition from broadcast TV to an online service, to raise awareness of the change.  This could include a period of running both services in parallel. There should also be clearer commitments to programmes on BBC1 and/or BBC2 that appeal to a younger audience and that take risks with new talent and ideas.

The Trust has asked the BBC Executive to provide further information to meet its concerns, including a costed proposal and timetable for a managed transition that evaluates options for a period of parallel running.

Final approval for the move to BBC3 online will be dependent on this response, said the Trust.

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