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BBC2 announces new commissions including Hugo Blick drama

BBC2 announces new commissions including Hugo Blick drama
Jon Creamer
22 April 2015

BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw has announced a raft of new commissions including a new Hugo Blick drama, a sitcom from the Him and Her team, a new Nigella series and shows fronted by Sue Perkins, the Hairy Bikers, Brian Cox, Gareth Malone and Mary Beard.

The new commissions are:

Hugo Blick drama
Following on from The Honourable Woman and The Shadow Line, Hugo Blick is working on a new series for BBC Two. The new piece is described as a "compelling set of characters caught up in a very human moral dilemma and plays out in a setting drama very rarely takes us to, contemporary Africa."

Game Changer (working title)
Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton are to star in new factual drama, Game Changer (w/t). The 90-minute drama tells the story of the controversy surrounding the enormous success of the British computer game Grand Theft Auto.
Game Changer (w/t) is a BBC in house production. Written by James Wood (Rev, Ambassadors); directed by Owen Harris (Kill Your Friends, Black Mirror, Holy Flying Circus, Misfits); produced by Jim Spencer (Pride, All Stars, Monsters); executive produced by Mark Hedgecoe (The Challenger) and commissioned by Tom McDonald, head of natural history and specialist factual formats

Mum from Big Talk Productions reunites the creative team behind the Him & Her including Writer/Executive Producer, Stefan Golaszewski; Director, Richard Laxton; Producer, Lyndsay Robinson and Executive Producer, Kenton Allen.
Lesley Manville (Another Year) stars as 'Mum', a mother in her late 50s. The show follows her and family through a year of new beginnings as she rebuilds her life following the death of her husband.
The series has been commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy Commissioning.

Described as a "darkly comic thriller" in three parts, it is created by Jim Field Smith (producer/director of The Wrong Mans) and George Kay. It's the story of a meek schoolteacher (Jim Howick - Peep Show, Babylon) who struggles to survive the Stag weekend from hell, as he joins his future brother-in-law (Stephen Campbell Moore - Our Zoo, Ashes To Ashes, The Wrong Mans) and several obnoxious friends, on a deer-stalking expedition in the Scottish highlands. "It quickly gets messier than anyone expected; as the hunters become the hunted, sordid secrets emerge and old friendships are tested to the limit."
The 3x60 series is a BBC In-House Comedy production in association with Idiotlamp. Written by Jim Field Smith and George Kay. Produced and Directed by Jim Field Smith. The Executive Producer is Myfanwy Moore.

Two Doors Down
Two Doors Down is a "new comedy of manners by Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp, exploring why it is that the people you're closest to always seem to cause you the most grief."
The Executive Producer is Steven Canny and the Producer is Catherine Gosling Fuller.

Children Of The Gaza War
Lyse Doucet follows the lives of children on both sides of the conflict through the war and for six months afterwards, revealing how children born so close are growing further apart with each war.
Commissioned by Clive Edwards. The producer/Director is James Jones and the Executive Producer is Lucy Hetherington.

Old School
The Hairy Bikers address what can be done to support elderly people who feel isolated and lonely to make them feel more valued in society by creating an experiment in which 30 retirees will work in a secondary school bringing generations together.
Commissioned by Alison Kirkham, Head of Commissioning, Features and Formats. The Executive Producer at Maverick TV is Eve Kay.

Simply Nigella
Simply Nigella "will introduce viewers to a new pared-down approach to cooking and eating."
Nigella Lawson says: “It’s about food that makes our life easier, that makes us feel better, more alive and less stressed.”
Commissioned by Alison Kirkham, Head of Commissioning, Features and Formats, the Director is Dominic Cyriax and the Executive Producer is Jennifer Fazey for BBC Productions.

The Great British Pottery Throw Down
Sara Cox presents the search for Britain’s best budding potter. In the new six-part series from Love Productions she is joined by "two of the British pottery scene’s most passionate and renowned potters", Keith Brymer-Jones and Kate Malone as ten potters compete to be the best.
Executive Producers: Anna Beattie, Richard McKerrow, Suzanne McGairl and Melanie Crawford
A Love production. Commissioned by Maxine Watson, Acting Head of Documentaries.

The Naked Choir
Gareth Malone launches a nationwide contest for local choirs and singing groups who will have to perform a cappella. Eight very different singing groups will compete for the title of Britain’s best amateur singing group. The series follows the competitors at home as they prepare for a series of performances at famous public venues in front of big audiences and a carefully selected jury of music experts who will decide who goes through to the next round.
The Naked Choir is being made by Twenty Twenty. It was commissioned by Maxine Watson, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries.

Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, and with judges Denise McAdam, session stylist and royal hairdresser; and Alain Pichon, international session stylist, the search for Britain’s best amateur hair stylist returns for a new series, this time on BBC Two.
Made by BBC Documentaries. The Executive Producer is Aysha Rafaele and the Series Editor is Ceri Jones.

Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners
In partnership with University College London, historian David Olusoga uncovers Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners. Forensically examining the compensation records, he discovers the surprising range of people who owned slaves and the sheer scale of the slavery business.
David traces how the now forgotten pro-slavery campaigners influenced ideas about race. And by following the trail of money he reveals how the unprecedented injection of capital into the Victorian economy changed Britain, leaving a legacy that can still be felt to this day.
The Executive Producer is Chris Granlund; the Director is James van der Pool; and the Producer and director is Ben Crichton. The series was commissioned by Martin Davidson, Head of Commissioning TV, Specialist Factual and is a collaboration with University College London, Department of History.

Let Us Entertain You
The series looks at Britain’s cultural contribution in the post war years, from music and fashion to art, film, literature and theatre.
In four one-hour episodes for BBC Two, historian Dominic Sandbrook argues that this is a contribution anchored firmly in our own past. A uniquely British culture, reflecting uniquely British values and outlooks which were first forged, and articulated, during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era. The same impulses, the same concerns, the same ambitions that drove our Victorian forbears, remain the engine of our modern culture today.
Commissioned by Mark Bell, Head of Commissioning, Arts. The Executive Producer is Steve Condie for Oxford Scientific Films.

Six Degrees
Professor Brian Cox challenges a team of scientists and celebrities to get connected and battle their way through the six degrees of separation that connect everything in our universe. From Babbage to Buzzfeed, Lovelace to Linux, Six Degrees is based on the theory that everyone or everything is six or fewer steps away from any other person in the world. The panel show will rejoice in the often serendipitous connections that have led us through the digital revolution.
Commissioned by Tom McDonald. Executive Producer, Andrew Cohen.

Himalaya With Sue Perkins
Following her series exploring the Mekong River, Sue Perkins embarks on a  journey across the greatest mountain range on Earth - the Himalayas.
Clare Paterson is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC; Lucy Carter is the Executive Producer at Indus Films.

Meet The Roman Empire
In this four-part series classicist and historian, Professor Mary Beard gives her definitive take on the Roman Empire. Travelling from Spain to Iran, Egypt to Scotland, Tunisia to Greece, she‘ll pose the big questions that have fascinated people for centuries: how and why did it happen?
Commissioned by Martin Davidson. Executive Producer is Caterina Turroni at Lion TV.

The Detectives
The show follows a new unit set up by Greater Manchester Police in July 2012 to investigate sex offences. In the first of its kind for the force, 60 detectives were trained as specialist rape investigators.
The Executive Producers are Clare Sillery for the BBC, and Colin Barr and Ruth Kelly for Minnow Films. Series directed by James Newton.

Neil Oliver and Alice Roberts team up in a three-part series to discover the world of the Celts. Travelling across Europe, from Ireland to Turkey, Denmark to Portugal, they seek out brand new archaeological discoveries, some of our greatest ancient treasures, and the very latest scientific studies. With dramatic reconstruction of three pivotal battles in the history of the Celts, they will reveal an incredible lost empire that stood up to the might of the Rome for hundreds of years.
Commissioned by Martin Davidson. The Executive Producer is Cameron Balbirnie and the Series Producer is Robin Dashwood.

Wildest Tribes
In this three-part series naturalist and wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan imbeds himself with remote tribes, using their field skills to get closer than ever before to iconic wildlife, including anacondas and lions. He needs to be accepted by each tribe and learn their unique survival and tracking skills in order to gain a new insight into the wild animals which still dominate their lives.
Commissioned by Tom McDonald. The Commissioning Editor is Lucinda Axelsson, the Executive Producer is Tim Martin and the Series Producer is Ted Oakes.

Atlantic - Earth's Wildest Ocean
This 3x60 landmark series reveals the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean - from the Arctic to the Antarctic, the crushing depths of the abyss to the sun drenched tropical reef.
Commissioned by Tom McDonald, Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual Formats, the Commissioning Editor is Craig Hunter, the Executive Producer is Tim Scoones and the Series Producer is Dan Rees.

Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands
This blue-chip series from the Natural History Unit explores the rich and varied landscapes of Japan, showcasing one of the most iconic natural landscapes on the planet.
Narrated by Michelle Dockery, the series reveals a nation of more than 6000 Pacific islands. Each episode explores how life survives across these wildly diverse islands, dominated by forested mountains, volcanic forces and powerful seas, arctic winters and tropical, typhoon ravaged summers; and reveals the unusual and unexpected relationships between human characters and the wild.
Commissioned by Tom McDonald. The Commissioning Editor is Lucinda Axelsson, the Executive Producers are Tim Martin and James Honeyborne, the Series Producer is Mary Summerill and the Producers are Gavin Maxwell, David Marks, Susie Painter, Matthew Wright.

Cosmic Dawn - The Real Moment Of Creation
The series explains the moment the first stars were born, the moment that lit up the Universe, and made the first structure and the first ingredients of life.
This new episode of Horizon explores how astronomers are now trying to witness the cosmic dawn. For the first time they have the tools to explore the very first stars of the universe and to tell the scientific story of our creation.
The Horizon Editor is Steve Crabtree.

Kim Shillinglaw said: "The sheer range and quality of content I’m announcing today demonstrates the unique role BBC Two plays in enhancing people’s lives and contributing to the creative life of the UK. From enabling British writing, presenting and directing talent to do their most distinctive, signature work to Factual with real purpose that tackles contemporary issues in lively, intelligent ways or encourages viewers to take their passions further, I want BBC Two to be the place to come for widest range of grown up, opinionated and entertaining content on British television.”

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Emma  | April 22, 2015
Happy to hear that Stephen Campbell Moore will be back. Loved to hate him as the Reverend Webb in the brilliant BBC one series \'Our Zoo\'

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