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BBC1 orders social experiment The Day The Cash Came from CPL

BBC1 orders social experiment The Day The Cash Came from CPL
Jon Creamer
13 April 2015

BBC1 has commissioned a one-off factual entertainment special from CPL Productions that will see a family on the breadline given a cash lump sum to see how they fare.

The Day The Cash Came will follow a British working family living below the poverty line after they have been anonymously given a cash lump sum of £27,000, the UK annual average salary.

The show is inspired by an economic experiment in Africa and gives a family a one-off cash lump sum instead of regular small benefit payments to see if they could be lifted out of poverty permanently.

The family will find £27,000 in cash in a briefcase on their doorstep, left by an independent benefactor, who will ring the doorbell and walk away. They have no idea the cash is coming or who has given it to them. The only guidance the benefactor will leave is a note to say the money is theirs; they are free to spend it as they wish, and that he hopes they will use it wisely. The programme then follows what the family does with the money - do they splurge it or use it to invest in their long term future?

The programme has been inspired by an experiment in Uganda where around 6,000 people were given a cash grant equal to the Ugandan annual average wage, all in one go.

The Day The Cash Came follows the family from the moment they open the brief case. The family will meet with a financial mentor and multiple advisors, including a former lottery winner who lost all of his winnings. However, none of the advisors can tell the family members what they should or shouldn’t do with the cash.

At the end of the project, a panel of experts assess the impact on the family.  

The Day the Cash Came, was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Controller BBC One and Maxine Watson, Acting Head of Documentaries. It will be Executive Produced by Danielle Lux, Murray Boland and Eve Kay and Produced by Tim Hancock for CPL Productions, a Red Arrow Entertainment Group company. 

The format will be distributed worldwide by Red Arrow International.

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Howard Myers
Howard Myers  | April 13, 2015
Sounds like a really interesting and fascinating experiment, although worryingly similar to Brewster\'s Millions. Can we not call it a \"Factual Entertainment\" show/format, though. That makes it sound even more voyeuristic than it is. Can\'t wait for the Daily Mail headlines on this one...

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