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BBC to boost number of apprentices

BBC to boost number of apprentices
Tim Dams
14 October 2013

BBC director-general Tony Hall pledged today that 1% of the BBC’s workforce will be made up of apprentices by the end of 2016.

The target means that the BBC would employ 170 apprentices, out of the BBC’s current public service staff of 16,534.

Hall made the announcement at the launch of The Technology Innovators Forum in London (TIF-IN) this morning.

He said that he wanted “to build a ladder of opportunity for the talented” and open up the BBC to  people “from every part of the country and a greater variety of backgrounds.”

The BBC already has 70 apprentices in areas such as engineering and TV production management.

The move builds on an earlier announcement in August, when Hall said that every BBC local radio station would take on an apprentice by September 2014, which would equate to an additional 45 apprentices.

“It’s the BBC role to find and nurture talent, and I want to make sure we do that from every part of the UK,” said Hall today.

“170 people coming into the BBC and being given the skills to join this industry. And remember these are skills not to join just our workforce but also independent TV, commercial TV, radio and digital companies too. We are going to build a ladder of opportunity for talented individuals regardless of their start in life.”

Hall added: “We can’t have a situation where you can only join our industry if you are lucky enough to have somewhere to stay in London or lucky enough to have parents who can afford to let you work for free.”

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