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BBC Worldwide to publish DVD set of Olympics

BBC Worldwide to publish DVD set of Olympics
Staff Reporter
14 August 2012

BBC Worldwide will publish a DVD set of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The London 2012 Olympic Games DVD and Blu-ray release will feature over nine hours of footage including highlights from Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony from artistic director Kim Gavin’s entitled A Symphony of British Music.  In addition to the successes from Team GB, it will also feature additional key moments from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Paul Dempsey, managing director of BBC Worldwide Consumer Products said “As the official Olympic Broadcaster, the BBC has achieved record viewing figures for their coverage and we are delighted to be able to offer this DVD which captures sporting history in the making.”

The release will be available in the UK to pre-order from 10 August and in-store from 29th October 2012.

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marcus  | August 17, 2012
Shame the DVD is only 9 hours... sounds like a lot? Well, I believe the olympic review / closing ceremony was 7 hours and the opening ceremony quite a few. Then there was nightly coverage... 5 live enthusiasm and all the instructional intros that they produced to introduce each sport to newbies... we really should petition for a DVD boxset... I'd pay whatever they asked for a nice 32 disc boxset with all the coverage I could ever want. After all, this moment will never come again! oh, Eddie butler the voice over guy - what a great choice... I have no idea who he is but what a great job he did!
David Holmes
David Holmes  | August 16, 2012
Why not just make ALL the recorded videos available for download (at a hopefully modest fee)?
Save BBC a lot of production costs & make lots of money!!
e.g I would pay for a copy of the Rythmic Gymnstic Finals & everyone can chose their favourites
Come on BBC!
Would help towards license fee
Rob  | August 15, 2012
Danny Boyle is releasing the opening ceremony on DVD soon. He is missing out where all the athletes come out, but adding extra's to it. I will be buying it
Celia  | August 15, 2012
Would really love to obtain DVD of Equestrian Events especially dressage and eventing - so would a lot of others!
thomas b
thomas b  | August 15, 2012
looking forward to this pity it will only be the highlights of the fantastic opening and closing but will be great to see the excelent sporting highlights
all the competitors were fantastic
Bulent Osman
Bulent Osman  | August 14, 2012
Great news! We should award the BBC a Gold medal for their amazing coverage. Some of the commentary was truly inspiring and emotional. I hope the DVD includes some of the radio commentary of Team GB's golden moments too.
Andy Cooper
Andy Cooper  | August 14, 2012
Can't wait - the BBC's coverage was simply sensational. I hope they include the montage set to Thea Gilmore's "London" song which was a work of true genius.
R Preston
R Preston  | August 14, 2012
Not interested in the opening/closing ceremonies, just the events - all of them, so I hope the intro etc doesn't waste too much dvd space
Valerie B
Valerie B  | August 14, 2012'll be the best seller for Christmas 2012
michael leaper
michael leaper  | August 14, 2012
fantastic can not wait for dvd to come out just to recapture all the moments wooohooo

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