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Axis provides vfx for Baby Cow’s Red Dwarf and Zapped

Axis provides vfx for Baby Cow’s Red Dwarf and Zapped
Jon Creamer
22 September 2016

AxisVFX has completed vfx on series eleven and twelve of Baby Cow’s Red Dwarf as well as its new show Zapped.

AxisVFX's visual effects supervisor Howard Jones oversaw the filming and creation of 325 vfx shots across both series of Red Dwarf. The studio was involved from the early days of pre-production; through onset supervision on all pre-records to the final stages of delivery. In total, the vfx effort spanned nine months, delivering early September.

As well as compositing the classic model shots of Starbug and Red Dwarf, axisVFX created a whole range of visual effects for the series. This included blowing up a space station, generating lunar landscapes, meteor storms and a nearly entire CG set.

AxisVFX also worked with Baby Cow on an original UKTV comedy series, Zapped that follows Brian Weaver, an online data marketing assistant, who finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world.

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