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Arri announces flare sets for anamorphic lenses

Arri announces flare sets for anamorphic lenses
David Wood
20 March 2015

Arri has announced flare sets for its Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lens series.

Each of the seven Master Anamorphic focal lengths has its own specific flare set, comprising  replaceable front and rear glass elements that can be used individually or in combination to provide the lens with three additional looks.

Arri introduced the Master Anamorphic lenses series in 2013, and the manufacturer says they have established themselves with their combination of compact form factor, minimal weight, distortion-free optical performance and a speed of T1.9 across the entire focal length range, making them  fast and easy to use.

While the Master Anamorphic optical design and coatings suppress flares and reflections, on occasion cinematographers want flaring to increase the emotional impact of a shot.

The front and rear glass elements that come with each flare set have a lens coating that encourages flaring, ghosting and veiling glare.

Arri says the flares create a visual style that is consistent across all of the flare sets and can be controlled or tweaked via the iris setting, as well as the positioning of lighting fixtures.

The front element can be used on its own, as can the rear, or they can be used in combination.

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