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Arri Rental to launch Alexa 65

Arri Rental to launch Alexa 65
Staff Reporter
24 September 2014

Arri Rental is to expanded the range of Alexa shooting options with the Alexa 65, the company’s new 65mm format camera equipped with what Arri Rental says is the largest high-performance motion picture sensor available on the market.

The Alexa 65 is equipped with an A3X sensor with an open gate resolution of 6560 x 3102 photosites, offering the same sensitivity, dynamic range and colorimetry as the Alexa, but with far greater spatial resolution.

Arri Rental says that it has worked closely with Codex during development to create a new high-performance workflow unique to the Alexa 65, which processes full resolution uncompressed ARRIRAW 65 mm images.

The camera, which will be launched in LA at the end of October, will be available for use from mid-November.

Arri says the Alexa 65 is an evolution of Arri’s 765 65 mm film camera and will fit within its range of high-performance 65 mm prime and zoom lenses.

Although the camera was developed in Munich by the Arri R&D team, it was exclusively commissioned by Arri Rental and will only be available to rent through Arri rental facilities in the US, UK, Germany and the rest of Europe.

An Arri Rental spokeswoman said: “The Alexa 65 is yet another tool in the filmmakers arsenal of Alexa cameras, a tool for high-end application. One also needs to consider the need for special 65 mm lenses, faster recording media and adequate workflow tools.”

For more information see Alexa 65.

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