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3D coverage of BBC Olympics gets mixed reception

3D coverage of BBC Olympics gets mixed reception
Staff Reporter
17 August 2012

The BBC’s 3D Olympic coverage was not a huge success.

Less than half  a per cent of BBC viewers watched the opening ceremony in 3D. The men’s 100m final was watched by only 66,000 in 3-D out of a total 20 million viewers in the UK.

The nightly highlights programme attracted an average of just over 10,000 (between 30th July and 7th August.)

The numbers have increased since the Corporation broadcast this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships men’s singles final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer. The final attracted 17 million viewers in 2D and just 30,000 in 3-D.

This equals a 3D-to-2D ratio of 0.18 percent, compared with 0.42 percent registered during the opening night of the Olympic Games, and 0.39 percent for the men’s 100m final.

Reasons for the less than sparkling 3D uptake put forward include the low penetration of 3D capable TV sets in UK households, a failure of the BBC to communicate about the free 3D broadcasts, but also a reluctance of viewers to don their 3D specs to watch short bursts of action.

3D viewers reported limited coverage of the men’s 100m final, with camera perspectives not offering the same viewpoints as the 2D coverage. But 3D coverage of the opening ceremony was reportedly excellent.

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John Bentley
John Bentley  | August 18, 2012
The Olympics 2012:Highlights in 3D broadcast where as good as any commercial 3D disc for quality, these I viewed on the latest Sony TV with their shutter glasses, after recording it on a Humax HD recorder.
Pip Price
Pip Price  | August 17, 2012
The 3D coverage was excellent although the all 3D roundup programs were not as Team GB centric (maybe US companies did the filming?).
Since most of the events shown in 3D would have been watched by several people together, even if the TV could show it, there would have been a distinct lack of viewing glasses.
Well done Beeb, don't give up on 3D.

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