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Televisual only sells mailing information, as we believe that it is intrusive on other’s privacy to sell on our readers’ email addresses or telephone numbers.  If you only want to promote digitally, you can sponsor Televisual emails, go here.  Please see note about reader privacy at the bottom of this page.

All of the data that we’d make available to your mailing house is less than a year old (based on the date of reader subscription).

Televisual has a number of active databases as follows…

1 Televisual active subscribers mailing data

Televisual gives you a very potent list of television production executives defined by their budget spend, predominantly on production resources and products.

We can split out the Televisual subscription data in a number of ways including information about whether our readers spend money on technology, hiring resources or commissioning content. We could even pare this down further to what level of budget they control. We can also split based on where they work (independent production, broadcast, facilities…). For more information about Televisual Readers, go here.

2 Televisual events data

We also have extensive data from attendees to Televisual events including the Televisual Roadshow and Factual Festival. Between January and December 2010, over 2,000 industry professionals registered for Televisual events, predominantly falling in to two key camps: either producers and production managers interested in file-based production workflow or factual programme makers.  

Anything up to 50% of the active individual records from the Televisual subscriber and events databases opt-out from third-party mail. Consequently we cannot release the full databases. Please see note about reader privacy at the bottom of this page. However, this doesn’t apply to Televisual editorial data as there are no data protection issues as the collection process explicitly assumes that any names provided would be in the public domain.

3 Televisual editorial data

We also research and keep our editorial data bang up to date in the compilation of our major surveys (like the Production 100, Facilities 50, Commercials 30 and Corporate 50) and, on an ongoing basis for the Televisual Handbook Online that forms an important part of the web offer. You can get a feel of what we have to offer by browsing the Televisual Handbook Online. This data is formally refreshed at least twice a year (once when researching and compiling Televisual surveys and again when researching and compiling the Televisual handbook) as well as on an ongoing basis for the Televisual Handbook Online.  

4 Televisual other data

We also research and compile our own data for specific subscription and event promotions. For example we have a thorough post production data file including senior management and senior operators compiled in May 2010. Please ask us about what recent data we may have compiled.


With ESco, Televisual can offer a full one-stop shop integrating Televisual list rental with ESco’s competitive mailing fulfilment rates. Give the Televisual commercial team a call and tell them what you're sending, what class postage and how you want it presented and we will come back to you with a full quote. Let us do the work for you.

About ESco Business Systems

ESco Business Services Limited covers all aspects of database management, subscriptions and circulation management, and mailing fulfilment, in particular offering bespoke services to specialist publishing companies.

If you want to influence or simply talk to the executives that control the purse strings of the UK production community, there’s only one list to use.

To find out more contact either Kate or James

Kate Dinwoodie     020 3008 5781
James Bennett   020 3008 5775



At Televisual Media we take our readers privacy seriously.

We only sell mailing data and also only data that fulfill data protection legislation (that is that haven’t “opted out” from third party mail). If you want to rent Televisual’s mailing data you need to have a third-party mailing house and have an agent prepared and authorised to sign a non disclosure agreement form.

We believe that unsolicited emails and, particularly, telephone calls can be construed as being intrusive, while at the same time quickly eroding the relationship between magazine and reader. At the same time we wish to protect our email list from “un-subscribes” for our weekly e-newsletters, daily e-news alerts and to promote Televisual events. You can of course sponsor our e-newsletters and daily e-news alerts.  For more info, click here.

We also never pass on any individual personal information but only sell collective data via third parties.


If you want to target the production community with direct mail or include direct mail as part of a more integrated promotional package including advertising and online, you can’t ask for more potent mailing lists than Televisual’s and you can also slice and dice Televisual data to reach only those executives you want to.

With one phone call you can get Televisual to do all the hard work and create a bespoke database for you based on active production professionals.  All you then need to do is send your materials to the mailing house. Sorted.



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