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Now in its sixth year, the Televisual Handbook 2012 is the authoritative reference tool for production executives, producers and project managers working in television, film, commercials, corporate and promos production. It’s the well-thumbed book you’ll find on the desks of active business drivers, production executives, directors and project managers who need reliable, real world, practical information in an ‘easy-to-find’, intuitive format.

Televisual understands the needs of the production market - after all we’re in direct contact with commissioners, agencies, production companies, facilities and suppliers on a daily basis. The culmination of this knowledge is the authoritative Televisual Handbook, the essential guide for the busy production executive, with comprehensive drilldown information about primary business contacts, production companies and primary resources and facility partners.

Yes, there are a good number of directories available in the content creation space and it can be difficult to tell how many are distributed and who gets which. The Televisual Handbook is distributed to everyone who gets Televisual magazine as either a paid or complimentary subscriber with the December issue. That means 5,000 are sent out on publication in December and because its Televisual’s subscribers receiving the Handbook, you can be sure that’s its in the hands of the right people who collectively define the UK production business. For more information about Televisual readers go here.

The information other directories provide is presented telephone-book style (company name, and basic contact information) listed under generic headings, without any logical order of events. The emphasis with most is the quantity of names and numbers provided, many of which are out of date, duplicated or defined by payments for additional listings. The Televisual Handbook is only concerned with supplying detailed and bang-up-to-date information to help the busy production executive find the right contacts and the right companies quickly and efficiently while delivering enough top-level information that the executive can make informed choices and short-lists.

  • Beautifully designed with colour-coded sections for ease of use
  • Televisual sized (285mm x 235mm), perfect bound and finished to very high specifications
  • Free to all Televisual subscribers with December 2010’s issue
  • 164 (plus) pages
Advertising volume
  • 50 (estimated) pages
Editorial volume
  • 114 pages (minimum)
  • December - first week
Copy deadline
  • 18th November 2011
Publication date
  • First week of December 2011





The majority of the Televisual Handbook's contents are detailed listings where we provide enough information for the busy production executive to make informed choices of individuals and companies to contact.  The listings are then further supported by additional and helpful insights most of which are drawn from Televisual’s core surveys, reports and interviews over the year. It is worth noting that all of the listings within the Handbook are checked and updated within six weeks of going to press.

There are five parts to the Televisual Handbook, as follows.


Broadcast Commissioners - checked and updated within a fortnight of going to press the introduction and overview of the main UK commissioners explains where they work, what (genres) they commission and how to get hold of them. Key controllers and commissioners are additionally profiled with practical insights in to what they’ve commissioned, what they’re looking for and how they wanted it presented.  You won't find this information in any other production directory or industry handbook.

Business Services and Screen Agencies - including media accountants, relevant bank departments, production insurance specialists, legal practices that specialise in media, leasing companies and media business affairs as well as UK screen agencies with specific information on what they do and how they can help (including grant allocations).

IP Distribution and Representation - to help Indies find the right partner for programme distribution, including details of genre specialisations and recent programmes represented. Included are on the record profiles of many of the major distributors.


Independent Broadcast Production Companies - complete with genres, recent credits and key staff supported by profiles drawn from the Televisual Production 100 (published September 2011).

Commercials Production Companies - this section also includes Graphics and Animation companies, including recent credits and key staff, supported by key information and profiles of the production companies from the Televisual Commercials 30 (published November 2011).

Corporate Production Companies - including recent credits and key staff, supported by key information and profiles from the Televisual Corporate 50 (published March 2011).


Cameras - presented as a chart, a guide to finding the best camera for the job including most common applications, recording formats, recoding media, body type, interchangeable lenses, frame rates, number of audio channels, weight and approximate pricing policy. The listings order is by manufacturer.

Camera peripherals - contact details for manufacturers that supply lenses, batteries, lighting, tripods and other items to consider when purchasing a camera.

Editing and Compositing Systems - presented as a chart, a guide to finding the right editing system for specific needs, including most common applications, operating system(s), formats supported, and approximate pricing policy.  The listings order is by manufacturer.

Grading and Restoration – an at a glance synopsis of leading hardware and software applications listed by manufacturer.

Resellers - which resellers to look at for camera and editing and compositing manufacturers and software publishers, where they’re based and how to get hold of them.


Camera Hire Companies - a thorough listing of rental companies with a summary of recording formats / cameras they supply and how to get hold of them.

Outside Broadcast - includes how many HD or SD trucks, recent credits, comprehensive contact details.  All of the major OB outfits also have their own pullout box company profile.  This section includes Flyaway Specialists – a standout feature about primary hire companies supporting live television production.

Television and Film Studios - includes details about number of studios (and how many are sound stages), respective sizes, audience facilities, recent credits, whether HD / SD, where they’re based and full contact information. Again, there are extended profiles of the bigger studios.


Post Production Companies - One of the largest sections in the book, providing drilldown content about all of the UK businesses from small VFX boutiques to the major players.  This section includes the following details for just about every company:


  • Film
  • Commercials
  • Broadcast (with further genre breakdowns)
  • Corporate

Recent Credits

(What primary post services the post house offers)
  • Audio - Stereo, 5.1, Foley, and / or ADR
  • Grading - SD, HD, 2K and 4K
  • TK / Scanning - SD, HD, 2K and 4K
  • VFX / Animation - 2D, 3D, animation and / or graphics
  • Editing - offline, online and / or on location
  • DVD - design and authoring, replication and blu ray
  • Other - film restoration, film recording, camera and crew hire, film cutting and other related items

Footage and archive
- a full list of libraries, what they offer and respective contact details. This is another section we’re particularly proud of, as the information included is only otherwise available otherwise from Focal, and then only based on membership.

- is broken into two sections for published (library) music and composition, again with full contact information and a brief description of the company


All facilities and resources are not the same (!) The depth of information in all sections of the Televisual Handbook is designed to allow producers to make real shortlists and choices. It is currently almost impossible to shortlist potential suppliers from most directories as all companies are marked up together without any insight as to respective size, let alone disciplines they offer. On top of that they can often be spread over multiple categories that you need to second guess and where listings are defined by the ability or desire to pay. As a result, the Televisual Handbook gives full details that allow for real choices on top of full company details and key points of contact.

The Televisual Handbook provides a detailed overview of your company’s offer but by advertising you can tell the production market what your brand stands for and why they should choose you above your competition.





The Televisual Handbook 2012 is sent to all Televisual readers with the December 2011 issue (please see our ABC audited circulation) and is the most powerful advertising medium for anyone who wants to communicate and sell their services or products to the UK production community.

The majority of Televisual’s circulation is defined by individual budget control for hiring resources, buying kit, commissioning content and asset storage. It's an extremely potent readership that together commissions, produces and creates the vast majority of UK television, commercials, (top-end) corporate communications and film. Approximately 80% of our controlled circulation readers have confirmed that they have meaningful budget responsibility for both buying kit and hiring resources. You can be sure the right people will see your advertising.

Please see our the Televisual readers overview that explains our circulation policy, where Televisual readers work, what they spend there money on and how much they have to spend.





When you advertise in The Televisual Handbook you can be certain that your company offer will be seen in the right context, the right editorial environment and by the right readers. With the credibility and brand force of Televisual behind it, The Televisual Handbook is without doubt the key reference tool for the busy UK production executive.

The Televisual Handbook only accepts display advertising. There are no additional listings for sale as the handbook is an editorial product with the needs of the reader placed above all else. Both advertising rates and mechanical specifications are the same as for Televisual.

Copy deadline 18th November 2011

If you want to reach the UK production community and could afford only one advertisement in a year, the Televisual Handbook would be the only place to run it.

Reserve your space today.

The Televisual Handbook is also available online. To see the online version please click here. For online advertising information, please click here.


This essential guide for the busy production executive has all the important UK contacts, businesses and practical production information in one place.

The Televisual Handbook is sent to all Televisual subscribers both paid and complimentary with the December 2011 issue immediately giving you the most potent circulation reach of any UK handbook or directory on publication.

• Broadcast Commissioners
• Business Services and Screen Agencies
• IP Distribution and Representation
• Independent Broadcast Production Companies
• Commercials Production Companies
• Corporate Production Companies
• Cameras
• Camera Peripherals
• Editing and Compositing Systems
• Grading and Restoration Resellers
• Camera Hire Companies
• Outside Broadcast Companies
• Television and Film Studios
• Post Production Companies
• Footage and archive
• Music

An advertisement in The Televisual Handbook 2012 keeps your brand in front of the right people, in the right context and at the right price for the whole of the year to come.

The best of Televisual - key business and practical production information for the busy executive all in one place with an immediate potent circulation guaranteed.

An advertisement in The Televisual Handbook keeps your brand in front of the right people, in the right context and at the right price for the whole year.
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