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Broadcast commissioners
Factual (Five)
Commissioning Coordinator
Lulu Prutton e lulu.prutton@five.tv
Commissioning editor
Bethan Corney e bethan.corney@five.tv
Head of factual
Andrew O'Connell
Factual and Daytime (ITV)
1- Director of factual and daytime
Alison Sharman t 0207 156 6000 (switchboard) e alison.sharman@itv.com
Commissioning editor factual
Diana Howie t 0207 156 6000 (switchboard)
Controller of popular factual commissioning
Jo Clinton Davis t 0207 156 6000 (switchboard)
Factual Entertainment and features (C4)
1- Head of factual entertainment and features
Sue Murphy
2- Deputy head of factual entertainment
Liam Humphreys
2- Deputy head of features
Andrew Jackson
Katie Horswell t 020 7306 5369 e khorswell@channel4.co.uk
Jo Usmar t 020 7306 8517 e jusmar@channel4.co.uk
commissioning editor, fact ent
Tina Flintoff
Commissioning editor, factual entertainment
Dominique Walker
Commissioning editor, features
Kate Teckman
ed assistant
Clemency Green t 020 7306 8521 e cgreen@channel4.co.uk
Editor, features
Katie Boyd
Executive producer, fact ent
Dan Berbridge
Factual Entertainment and features (Five)
Commissioning coordinator
Alison Walton e alison.walton@five.tv
Commissioning editor for factual entertainment
Ian Dunkley e ian.dunkley@five.tv
Commissioning editor for factual entertainment and features
Robi Dutta e robi.dutta@five.tv
Head of factual entertainment and features
Steve Gowans e steve.gowans@five.tv More
Factual features and formats (BBC)
Commissioning editor
Jo Ball t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard) More
Exec producers (indies)
Alison Kirkham (BBC1) t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Lisa Edwards (BBC2) t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Harry Lansdown (BBC3) t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Multiplatform exec
Nick Cohen t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Max Gadney t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Specialist factual (C4)
1- Head of specialist factual
Ralph Lee More
Lisa Garratt t 020 7306 8354 e lgarratt@channel4.co.uk
Commissioning editor, arts
Tabitha Jackson
Commissioning editor, history
Julia Harrington
Commissioning editor, science
David Glover
Commissioning editor, specialist factual
Tanya Shaw
Editorial administrator
Nicola Brodie t 020 7306 8283 e nbrodie@channel4.co.uk
Specialist factual (BBC)
Commissioning editor history and business
Martin Davidson t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Commissioning editor science and natural history
Kim Shillinglaw t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Executive producer - indies
Cassian Harrison t 020 8743 8000 (switchboard)
Multiplatform exec
Lisa Sargood (science and natural history)
Max Gadney (history and business)
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