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all3media International and Televisual magazine invite you to show us your documentary filmmaking prowess, to parade your storytelling talents and to demonstrate your creativity. If you’re under 25 years old, with dreams of telling true life stories, then let us see what you can do. Documentary is never quiet, so be bold.

THE BRIEF: A Dog’s Life. Entrants must produce a two-minute documentary based around the theme, A Dog’s Life. This can be interpreted as the filmmaker sees fit. You’re encouraged to get direct, to get vérité, to get philosophical and conceptual, vertical and horizontal, abstract and linear, humorous and courageous. Show us something we haven’t seen before, tell us something we don’t know, in a voice we haven’t heard before…yours. You’ve got two minutes, and you must shoot using a handheld, mobile device and edit using easily available, non-professional software. Beyond that, A Dog’s Life is your story to tell.

ENTER Send in your two-minute film in confidence to  If the file is too large, please usewetransfer and ensure the following details are included in your message: Name, Job/education status, company/college, email, phone number, title of your short along with a brief description of how it was shot and what inspired the film.  The entry deadline is Monday 26th October. Please check the entry requirements following before submitting your film. 

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS you must be 25 years old or under. The film must be no more than two minutes and shot on a mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, 1+1 phones and tablets all accepted. You must edit using non-professional software and tell us in your email submission how you shot and edited the film. You must be available to attend the Televisual Factual Festival on 11th November. 

THE WINNER all3media International will select four entrants to play their films to a panel of judges.  The four finalists will play their short on the big screen in the Princess Ann Theatre at BAFTA infront of an audience and will answer questions from the judges about their film.  The winner will be announced at the session and then it’s down to the bar where all3media International are buying the drinks.

THE PRIZE The winning filmmaker will have the opportunity to remake their film using professional equipment as well as one-on-one mentorship from one of all3media’s accomplished blue chip producers. The finished film will then be showcased on with a profile and write up in Televisual magazine. PLUS the winner will receive a Canon camera and Final Cut Pro editing software courtesy of all3media International.

Mark Downie Chief Creative Officer, Maverick TV
Jo Evans Co-Founder and Managing Director, Swan Films
Richard Bradley Managing Director, Lion Television
Isaac Densu Commissioning editor, Channel 4 digital shorts


ATTEND The Fast & Factual evening takes place as part of the Televisual Factual Festival. The evening is free to attend. Registration for non-delegates is essential.


Fast & Factual

If you would like to attend the Fast & Factual competition as an audience member, please register here. The evening takes place from 4.45pm on Wednesday 11th November and is part of the Televisual Factual Festival at BAFTA.

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