Print Advertising Specifications


There are quarter, half, full and double page spread options. 

File formats

Print ready PDFs are preferred. Please ensure images are CMYK and all fonts are embedded. All images must be supplied at 300dpi or above.

The colour profile we use is Uncoated Fogra 29 (ISO 12647-2 : 2004)
The file needs to be supplied as : PDF X1a
Please ensure you include printer crops and marks when PDFing

We can accept PC originated files. However, Word files (and the like) can only be processed as words and spaces, so there is a requirement to save these as EPS, TIFs, JPEGs, etc enabling them to be accessed via Photoshop.


Eighth page 59mm deep x 100mm wide
Quarter page 122mm deep x 100mm wide
Quarter page strip 59mm deep x 205mm wide
Half page 122mm deep x 205mm wide

Please supply PDF or .jpeg ensuring all images are 300dpi and CMYK.

Supplying copy 

By Email or Dropbox

Please email to

NB if the file is too large to email, we recommend using

By Post

Files can be sent to us on CD:

The Production manager
Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street,


Full page bleed 295mm high x 245mm wide  In red - this is the bit that is trimmed off, it leaves room for trimming error to include it
Full page trim 285mm high x 235mm wide  - this indicates the area that will print
Full page type area 260mm high x 207mm wide - this is the safe area where we recommend the bulk of the content sits
Half page horizontal 128mm high x 207mm wide
Half page vertical 260mm high x 101.5mm wide
Quarter page portrait 128mm high x 101mm wide 
Quarter page horizontal 62mm high x 207mm wide
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