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Now in its twelfth year and an established fixture in the production community’s calendar, The Televisual Bulldog Awards take the thinking behind industry awards to a new level and offer all Bulldog winners, nominees and sponsors a highly visible, memorable and enjoyable programme and event over an extended period of time. The Televisual Bulldogs start in March 2016 with the published nominations, peak in May with the winners supplement and exclusive awards dinner while the award winners are showcased online at until the end of February 2017.

To bastardise Abraham Lincoln, of the community, by the community and for the community is the maxim for The Televisual Bulldog Awards, in which everyone that defines UK production - commissioners, producers and facilitators - has the opportunity to vote for the very best of 2013’s television. Over the past two years an average of over 2,600 television executives voted to have their say about the best of UK television - both by reply-paid mail and online. The overwhelming majority of those who vote work in independent production and broadcast companies (reflecting Televisual’s core readership).

No other UK awards programme achieves quite the same level of engagement with the wider production community to determine the outcome, while offering winners, runners-up and sponsors so much visibility and over so long a period.

The categories and running order for the Televisual Bulldog Awards 2016 are as follows.
(Sponsors are from 2015 and we are taking bookings now for next year)


  • Drama serial or one-off
  • Drama series
Kentish Town Studios
  • Comedy
Loft London
  • Panel, quiz and chat show
IMG Studios
  • Entertainment
  • Live Sport Event
NEP Visions
  • Live Event
  • Factual Feature
  • Factual entertainment
  • Documentary single
  • Documentary series
Soho Editors
  • Best Specialist Factual
Clockwork Capital
  • Current affairs
 Prime Focus
  • Best children's
Platform Post Production
  • Best editing
Rapid Pictures
  • Best music
 My Drive Click and Play
  • Best cinematography
Helicopter Film Services
  • Indie of the Year
The Hospital Club Studios
  • Plus The Bulldog: Best in Show (to be announced at the gala dinner)

All nominated content will have been aired for the first time between 1st January and 31st December 2015. (This does include returning series). The short list is deliberated over and chosen by the Televisual editorial team (rather than on the nominees ability or desire to pay).


Rather than your logo briefly appearing on screen at an awards dinner, the Televisual Bulldogs give you, the sponsor, a full promotional package including extensive above-the-line print advertising, online banner advertising and one of the best opportunities to network with senior programme makers of the year.

All of the awards categories above have their own individual sponsor. You can choose the one that most closely reflects your company’s core business offer. Simply call us and ask what categories are available and between us we can find the best fit for your organization.

  • Three Full Pages within the printed Nominations and Winners Supplements
  • Two Online Banners covering the whole year within the Nominations and Winners Online Sites
  • Exclusive tickets for two company executives to come to the Bulldogs Gala Dinner
  • Numerous logo and company name checks in print, online and at the dinner
    The Bulldog Awards deliver on all fronts with widespread and meaningful association and recognition for all those involved: sponsors, award nominees and award winners. The repeat booking rate year-on-year is nearly 90% with many of our sponsors having sponsored the first Bulldog Awards seven years ago.

1 The Televisual Bulldog Awards 2016, Nominations
and Voting Supplement Distribution Dates - March and April 2016
12,500 print-run

The Nominations Supplement is sent to all Televisual readers, along with the exhortation to vote with the March and April issues. The guaranteed total print run of the nominations supplement is over 12,500 made up of two print runs of Televisual (5,250 x 2) and an additional 2,000 to active production executives working in the broadcast and the independent production community. You can also get your own copies of the Nominations Supplement to distribute to your clients as well as within your company offices.

Chosen by the Televisual editorial team, each of the awards categories is given a full page with six production options reflecting the best productions, talent and businesses of 2015 to vote for.

As a Bulldog Awards category sponsor your organization receives a company logo on both the front and inside front cover of the awards nominations supplement with a logo at the top of the sponsored category page as well as a facing Full Page advertisement.

Reader engagement and voting is further encouraged with a prize draw. Last year we offered a JVC action cams, Soho Editors Training, Inside the Edit, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Cloud Licence. All prizewinners’ names are published in the Winners Supplement (in May).

2 The Televisual Bulldog Awards 2016, Nominations
and Voting Micro-site
Online for the whole of March to April

Hosted on Televisual’s website, the online version has a similar look and feel to the printed supplement with one page for each awards category.

As a category sponsor your organisation receives both a banner at the top of the web page (with click-through from The Bulldogs to your own website) and your logo above the sponsored category.

All web voters have to register (with very basic contact information). Rather than a voting card to return, the online version automatically collects cast votes as the visitor clicks on their personal favourites. These votes are then captured within Ultimate Survey software and the unique visitor authenticated by crosschecking data and manually. The overriding principal remains: one man, one vote. Online voting is encouraged both within the printed nominations supplement and through extensive email marketing.

3 The Televisual Bulldog Awards 2016 Winners Supplement
Distribution - May 2013
7,500 print-run

The Bulldog Awards themselves are then announced in The Bulldogs 2016 Winners Supplement with a print run of 7,500: made up of the May Televisual print run (5,250) and an additional 2,250 to any additional voters and key television executives who don’t receive their own copy of Televisual and also to sponsors to distribute within their own offices. Again each award is given a full page with the winner receiving more coverage as well as the two runners up. 


As a category sponsor your organisation receives a company logo on both the front and inside front cover of the awards nominations supplement with a logo at the top of the sponsored category page as well as a Full Page advertisement facing.

Prizewinners (see above) - drawn at random - are also recognized within the Winners supplement.

4 The Televisual Bulldog Awards 2016 Winners Micro-site
Online from start May, 2016 to end February, 2017

The Bulldog Award winners are still online from last year and will be until March 2017. The winners when announced in May 2016 will similarly be online until March 2017.

Sponsors again receive both an active banner and logo to demonstrate their sponsorship of each given category.

You can see last year’s results and presentation here

5 The Bulldogs Gala Dinner
Exclusive event in May 2016 at The Hospital Club


The Bulldogs dinner is a champagne reception and sit-down dinner exclusive to Bulldogs winners and sponsors where the tables are divided in to complementary groups (for example, drama sponsors and producers with other drama folk). Two guests are invited from both the winners and the sponsors (so four for each category attend). The (physical and inscribed) Bulldog statues are also there for the winners to take home and look after. There is one short announcement to announce The Bulldog, Best in Show (the programme, series or strand that received the most votes).

The Bulldogs Gala Dinner is both great fun and a relaxed, upstream networking event where you get to meet new senior production contacts that by definition - being Bulldog winners - reflect the cream of the UK television community. And better still we know that many previous sponsors who made new friends also won new business at previous dinners!

Last year’s food and wine at the First Floor Restaurant at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden was inspired and the guest list reflected the cream of UK production talent with 100% representation and attendance from all programme category winners at executive and producer level. Just in case you were in any doubt, all food and drink is covered within your sponsorship and paid for by Televisual with an estimated per head cost in excess of £160. Entrance is by invitation only.

Please ask to see last year’s impressive guest list.

6 Other branding and benefits

Your company name on your sponsors Bulldogs award (a well loved, uniquely designed and reassuringly heavy pewter bulldog designed especially for the awards).

And first option on the same award for 2017.

Sponsor rates

Sponsor Rate up to and including December 23rd 2015 £6,000
Sponsor Rate from January 1st 2016 £6,500

Payment terms - all sponsorship invoices to be prepaid before February 18th 2016.

Final deadline for all materials (first advertisement and logo) 22nd February 2016.

Sponsoring The Bulldogs gets you noticed and brings you closer to your customers.

Get in touch with either Kate or James today to reserve your preferred award category or simply to find out more.

Kate Dinwoodie
020 3008 5781

James Bennett
020 3008 5775


• Bulldog Awards Nominations & Voting Supplement – March 2016 with additional 7,250 distribution immediately on publication
• Bulldog Awards Online Voting - goes live March 2016
• Bulldog Awards Nominations & Voting Supplement - second mailing April 2016
• Bulldog Awards Winners Supplement - publishes May 2016
• Bulldog Awards Winners Online - goes live May 2016
• Bulldog Awards Gala Dinner at the Hospital Club – [Late May / Early June TBA] 2016

If you want to build your company’s reputation, sponsoring The Televisual Bulldogs greatly improves your visibility and - through direct association and involvement - understanding of your brand

The Televisual Bulldog Awards deliver industry-wide recognition and enhance the reputation of everyone involved – nominees, winners and sponsors.

The Televisual Bulldog Awards Gala Dinner is one of the very best networking opportunities of the year where new connections have been made and rewarding future business relationships started.

On average over 2,600 executives working in independent production companies, broadcasters and facilities vote each year.  

Your Bulldogs Sponsorship Package includes three Full Pages of advertising, year round Banners online, numerous logo hits and two tickets to The Bulldogs Gala Dinner.

Be part of it!

If you want to build your company’s reputation, sponsoring The Televisual Bulldogs greatly improves your visibility and - through direct association and involvement - understanding of your brand

The Televisual Bulldog Awards deliver industry-wide recognition and enhance the reputation of everyone involved - winners, nominees and sponsors


The Televisual Bulldog Awards is a unique awards programme that actively involves the production community to vote for the best of UK television. Over 2,600 senior television executives voted in 2012 and 2013


The Televisual Bulldog Awards provides its sponsors with incredible value for money: on the page advertising, online banners and an exclusive gala dinner at an extraordinarily competitive rate

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