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Storyboard - August

In this month’s Storyboard, Nexus paints it black for Panasonic; Lola creates some out of this world effects; Sherbet scratches its head for WGBH; Beautiful TV gets naked for MTV; Hothead goes udderly pink for E4; Shufti serves up some whelk custard; Atticus Finch creates a very sick ad for the NHS; Uli Meyer destroys bugs for Domestos and Specsavers suffers the attentions of an amorous whale

Nexus’s Smith and Foulkes were hired by Australian agency The Campaign Palace to create the launch ad for Panasonic’s Neoplasma TV. The TV promises ‘deeper blacks’ that allow the colours to stand out. The ad animates some of the negative associations of black before ending in an explosion of colour.

Lola created the effects for Pioneer Productions’ 8x60-minute science series How The Universe Works.
The series, a co-production between Discovery and Sky, has 700 shots supplied by Lola that depict stars, black holes, the big bang, galaxies, the solar system, planets, moons and supernovas. Lola combined cg with images from the Hubble telescope, the landers and NASA footage. The 3d vfx supervisor was
Tim Zaccheo and the 2d vfx supervisor was Rob Harvey. Lola’s producer was
Michelle Martin.

Hothead’s Olly Reid created this trailer for E4’s Udderbelly live event that’s housed in an enormous upside down cow. Reid even employed a stilt walker to get the pedestrians looking in the right direction before comping the cow in.

The latest Should’ve Gone to Specsavers viral is a pastiche of classic movie Das Boot in which a shortsighted and amorous whale has a close encounter with a German sub. Director was Cris Mudge at Mustard and post was at Golden Square.

Production company Atticus Finch created this sick campaign for NHS Northamptonshire. Designed to deter young people from binge drinking, the campaign focuses on a ‘wasted’ night. The director was Chris Richmond.

Beautiful TV’s promo for MTV’s Less Clothes, More Music campaign has MTV presenters and actors walking through London with nothing on but some flashy graphics. The designer was Roxanne Silverwood and the animator Markos Christodoulou.

Shufti Films has produced a short musical viral to celebrate ‘the great British dessert – Whelk Custard’. It’s is a spoof teaser for a series in development, Chumpy Nuts, backed by South West Screen. The director is Nick Mackie.

Sherbet’s Jonathan Hodgson directed a series of sequences for a new documentary for US network WGBH. Of Lice and Men analyses how the lice living in human hair can provide clues about human evolution during the last six to eight billion years. Hodgson led a team of designers and animators including Alex Robinson, Adam Aiken and Ben Sayer and created the sequences with a mix of hand drawn elements, photo montage, collage, 2d Flash animation and 3d cg. Sherbet’s producer was Jonathan Bairstow.

Uli Meyer directed the latest Domestos ad, Fugitives, for Unilever through Lowe London. Lowe’s creative was Mike Yee. Uli Meyer’s producer was Matt Saxton and the animation supervisor was Boris Hiestand.

Posted 28 July 2010 by Jon Creamer
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