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Incredible $519 throw-and-shoot drone

This is almost too good to be true. It’s called the Lily Camera and is a small automated drone with a built in camera that tracks you as it flies - you just throw it up and it hovers at a pre-determined height, either following you, leading the way or circling the subject below.

It films at 1080p 60fps and is waterproof too, so, while capturing images of watersports, for example, you can just throw it into the water and it’ll take off from there. You, or whatever subject you’re capturing, wear a small tracking device - you can wear this on your wrist - and the Lily Camera automatically keeps track of you as it hovers around.

It’s very small so can be easily carried around and it’s been stylishly designed so looks cool too.

There are limitations to the Lily Camera - it can’t detect objects for example, so you have to be a bit wary where you take it out if you want to keep it in one piece. The developer’s website lists a series of FAQs that cover all the basics such as recharging time, its various operating modes, how to order it, etc.

The Lily Camera is an absolute bargain too at only $519 (if you pre-order now). It will be available early next year. <Drum roll, please> One thing's for sure - it's going to fly off the shelves!

Posted 15 May 2015 by Jake Bickerton

Brilliant hand crafted stop-motion pop promo

This is one seriously impressive pop promo, and hugely inspiring in the level of creativity, patience and persistence required to pull it off. It’s a video for Brooklyn-based artist Son Lux’s new track Change Is Everything, and was created by Art Director Nathan Johnson and his colleague Katie Chastain at US production house The Made Shop.

The pair spent 12 days with 200 pins and 500 feet of rubberised thread and, frame by frame created this rotoscoped stop-motion animation. It took 3,000 pin movements per day, lots of sore finger tips and goggles to protect their eyes from pins flying out of the frame due to the pressure of the rubberised thread.

It’s a very impressive effort and the results are well worth it.

Here’s the promo for Change Is Everything…

…And here’s director Nathan Johnson showing how it was all done…

Thanks to the always excellent No Film School for pointing me in the direction of this one.

Posted 08 May 2015 by Jake Bickerton

London's best looking post house

The eye-catching transformation of the exterior of Splice’s Old Street building by ‘tribal pop artist’ Camille Walala is now complete, and, I have to say, looks superb.

Walala has turned the drab, dark building into a striking space, adding colourful, 80s style zig zag lines and shapes across two sides of the post house.

Splice: BEFORE

Splice: AFTER

The artist: Camille Walala

Splice: Colourful and cool

* All images by Jenny Lewis

It took a few weeks to put together, with the help of various volunteers, and Splice had the good sense to create a timelapse film of the design’s progress over this time (see below).

Nice work Splice – a great idea really well executed. You can find out more on twitter with the handy aid of the more than slightly cumbersome #walaladreamcometruebuilding hash tag.

Posted 07 May 2015 by Jake Bickerton
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