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Crowdfunding planned for incredible camera stabiliser

As is often the case at these type of shows, one of the more interesting things I heard about at IBC2014 was through a conversation at the beach bar. I was chatting with Sherlock cinematographer Steve Lawes about what he considered to be exciting new technology developments. Rather than anything he’d seen at the show (to be fair, he'd only just arrived so hadn't had a great deal of chance to look around at this point), he showed me a short film on his iPhone.

It was a teaser film for a hopefully forthcoming product called SteadXP, which appears to be very clever indeed. Essentially, it’s a camera stabiliser housed inside a small white plastic box that sits on top of pretty much any camera and does what looks like a phenomenal job of steadying shots whatever the circumstances.

According to the guys who created the device: “Our little box brings professional-grade 3 axis stabilisation to everyone. Compatible with nearly all digital video cameras, it’s dead easy to use, extremely light, has no moving parts and lets you just point and shoot. All the necessary corrections will be done automatically by our post-processing software, to match the exact type of result you expect.”

“With SteadXP you can do almost any of the crazy camera moves you always wanted to do, it will correct your footage and smooth-out any stabilisation issues.”

A crowdfunding campaign to launch the device is planned to kick off shortly. In the meantime, check out the two films below to get an idea of the quality of stabilisation that’s potentially around the corner…

Thanks Steve for pointing me in the direction of SteadXP.

SteadXP a game changer tool for video stabilization and hyperlapse for any cameras from Emmanuel Pampuri on Vimeo.

SteadXP Downhill Mountain bike demo from Emmanuel Pampuri on Vimeo.

Posted 13 September 2014 by Jake Bickerton

13 large sensor cameras in blind shootout

Polish film company Film Cyfowy has created a very interesting blind comparison test of many of the major large sensor cameras currently being used for film, commercials and TV production. 


It has shot and graded identical footage shot by the likes of the Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, Sony F55, Canon C500 and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and presented it in a film, with a number representing each camera so the viewer has no idea which camera footage they are viewing. 


The names of the cameras are then revealed in a separate film. Have a look and see if you can match the following models (and recording formats) to the clips then check your answers in the second film!


Arri Alexa – ArriRaw

Red Dragon – R3D 6K

Red Epic – R3D 4K

Kineraw Mini – CinemaDNG 2K

Sony F55 – MXF 4K

Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7Q – CinemaDNG 4K

Canon C500 + AJA KiPro Quad - ProRes 4444 4K

Canon 1DC – MOV 4K

Canon 5D Mark III (with Magic Lantern) – CinemaDNG

Blackmagic Production Camera – ProRes 4K

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (once with a PL adapter and again with a Metabones Speed Boster adapter) – CinemaDNG

Lumix GH4 – MOV 4K


Thanks to for pointing us in the direction of Film Cyfowy’s camera shootout.


The test



12 CAMERAS TEST - PART I - "THE RIDDLE" from Film Cyfrowy on Vimeo.


The reveal



12 CAMERAS TEST - PART II - "THE ANSWERS" from Film Cyfrowy on Vimeo.

Posted 03 September 2014 by Jake Bickerton
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