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Guess who's got a new name?

It's got to be at least a year since Deluxe 142 last underwent a rebrand, which means it’s probably about time for another. Sure enough, it is. The company, which has had three names – Deluxe 142, Ascent 142 and Ascent Media – in the space of just five years, will now be known as Encore.

The name change doesn’t impact on the other UK brands owned by Deluxe – Rushes, Company 3, Method and Editpool – but, as of today, Deluxe 142 becomes a thing of the past.

Encore is Deluxe’s global broadcast post production brand, and used for its facilities in Hollywood, New York, Vancouver and now London, which begs the question as to why Deluxe 142 wasn’t just named Encore when Deluxe took over Ascent 142 a few years ago.

Aside from the new name, nothing major appears to be changing at Encore, with the management team and business structure remaining as it is.

Posted 28 November 2013 by Jake Bickerton

How to brand a TV channel with music

Here’s a really illuminating video revealing how to brand a TV channel using music. It was created by music production company Hum’s md and composer Joe Glasman and expertly takes the viewer from the initial thinking about the music design through to the implementation of the music in a multitude of different themed idents for the TV channel.

The channel under the spotlight is Italy’s La 7, which, in the series of idents, takes its No. 7 logo and films it in familiar outdoor locations across Italy, and wanted an immediately identifiable piece of music to brand the films.

The thinking stages and creative process involved in making the music to match the requirements of the channel are laid bare in Glasman’s film, making it very interesting viewing in discovering how to brand a TV channel with music.

The Power of 7: How to brand a TV channel with music from Joe Glasman on Vimeo.

Posted 20 November 2013 by Jake Bickerton
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