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A beautiful splash of colour for 3d stereo art film

Dutch-Italian freelance director and motion designer Giovanni Bucci, based in both Los Angeles and London, has just completed an vibrant, striking animation for artist Antonio Meneghetti.

The film, to be shown at art galleries and exhibitions, deconstructs one of Meneghetti’s paintings and immerses the viewer into the creative process of making the artwork.

The painting was provided to Bucci as a flat image, with a completely free brief to do as he like with it. Bucci has made both 2d and 3d stereoscopic versions of the film. You’ll need a pair of the old fashioned red and blue anaglyphic glasses to view the 3d version.

Title: OntoArte
Production: Stranirumori
Direction, Design, Animaton: Giovanni Bucci
Sound Design: Hoxton Lab (Marco Morano)

OntoArte (2D version) from on Vimeo.


OntoArte - 3D stereoscopic from on Vimeo.

Posted 26 July 2011 by Jake Bickerton

Making 3d accessible for the visually impaired and hard of hearing

ITFC's Stuart Campbell on the challenges of subtitling and audio description for 3d content. As published in the July 2011 issue of Televisual magazine.

Subtitling, audio description and signing will be one of the next big challenges for 3d content. That’s because the positioning of subtitles on screen in terms of the depth of field (the z-axis) will affect the viewing experience with a risk of eye strain.

Should subtitles be placed in the foreground or in the background? Should they be locked in one place or follow the focus of the action?

The process of subtitling for 3d is similar to 2d up to the point of positioning, so a logical step would be for subtitlers to use 3d monitors while preparing the subtitles. No doubt we’ll work with our R&D specialists to develop the best solutions.

Producing media access services for 3d, a field which includes audio description and signing, will bring a new dimension to our well-established workflows, but once the hurdles are overcome, it will be like the move to HD and regulations will adapt.

We’re all looking at ways to make 3d accessible, but there’s still a way to go before we see satisfactory working solutions.

Posted 13 July 2011 by Jake Bickerton
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