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Corporate film in 2011

In a recent internal communications survey by a FTSE100 company, 80% of respondents chose video as their preferred way of receiving company information.

Video is also becoming a normal, and expected, part of the web experience. It comes as no surprise then that technology research company Gartner recently listed video as one of its top 10 strategic technologies for enterprises in 2011.

So far so good for the year ahead in the corporate sector then? Well, yes and no. A number of clients I’ve spoken to are very optimistic about 2011, with talk of increased budgets and a desire to ‘rediscover’ video being common, whereas others in the corporate sector still seem quite cautious about the year ahead.

My overall feeling though is that it’s looking likely that an increased level of opportunity will be there in the corporate sector, but so will increased levels of competition (from broadcast producers looking for new revenue to producer/directors with an EX3 camcorder, a Canon 5D and a copy of Final Cut Pro).

The challenge then for corporate production companies in 2011 is to differentiate themselves in a market that is flooded with programme makers for hire.

The key to success is to stop being a production company. No, seriously.

Relatively speaking, ‘producing’ a corporate film has always been the easy part of what we do. Yes, there are the usual challenges in making any programme, but ultimately it’s helping to solve a client’s communication issue that is the most difficult part of the job to pull off successfully.

It’s also the bit that corporate production companies excel at across numerous areas – employee engagement, brand, CSR, investor relations and so on.

And yet we still tell people we make great films first and that we solve their communication problems second.

So, the signs are there that 2011 could be shaping to be a much-improved year but only if corporate production companies can sell their wider skills and not just the showreel.

Dean Beswick is head of moving image at corporate producer Radley Yeldar

Posted 21 January 2011 by Dean Beswick
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