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tawanda  | February 18, 2012
I have bn a a lighting techinician for 1 big company in South africa for 2 yrs,then i relocated to Uk recently.i did some lighting jobs with theatres around the area i live,i realise that the way i used to do things in Africa and here are different,.it wasnt difficult for me to fit myself in bt i also realise that i need more training to be competant in the industry. So my problem is im looking for some who can take me on an individual face to face training ,depending on my flexible hrs,.Anyone who can provide such service i would appreciate
Len Brown
Len Brown  | January 16, 2012
Good piece Graham. Totally agree with your concerns about the lack of training, particularly outside the BBC. When I first entered television in the late 1980s as a researcher, there was time and money available for training. Equally important, if you faced problems or made mistakes, there would be support staff in the office and on location – a three man crew, a producer, a director, a PA and a production runner – who could help or rescue you. How the world has changed in the past 20 years. With technological advances, the focus has increasingly been on multi-skilling and the development of the self-shooting Producer/Director one-(wo)man band. As a result, most individuals working in the independent sector have greater individual responsibility and need to do more in less time. In this climate, quality skills training organized by and for TV and digital media professionals is more important than ever. Len

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