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What's the outlook for MipTV?

18 March 2011

Programme sales executives are busy preparing for next month’s MipTV market in Cannes (4-7 April).

Beyond the stress of the last minute preparations for the market, their mood seems positive. With just a few weeks to go, most sellers seem to think that it will be a busy event, citing the fact that broadcasters are spending again as the ad market recovers.

Here’s the opinions of four leading sales companies on the outlook for MipTV:

Dan Allen
Chief operating officer, Fremantle Media Enterprises

"Mipcom in October was a bounce-back market, and I fully expect that to continue at MipTV. The broadcasters have come out of the recessionary period very strongly. They have addressed their cost base and emerged leaner and fitter. Ad revenues are flowing back and that is all going to their bottom line and so therefore they are reviewing what they can spend on content. That macro indicator suggests that there should be quite a lot of money in this market. Those who have got a strong slate of content are going to be the ones that reap the benefit of whatever buoyancy there might be. We’re feeling very positive because, as usual, we have got incredibly strong slate of content, particularly dramas now. We have invested a lot of time and effort and money in drama development over last 2-3 years and it’s really starting to bear fruit."

Sarah Tong
Director of sales, Hat Trick International

"There’s a lot of talk about the new “hot bed” for creativity, with representatives from Israel, Finland and the other Nordic regions talking about their various credentials. But what each of these commentators concedes is that the UK remains the territory that the world is watching for the best ideas, execution and talent. It’s important that British producers have a strong presence on the international stage and can partner with distributors, like Hat Trick International, whose own agendas don’t stifle their creativity. On a product level, as well as the continued interest in British comedy and drama formats, we are seeing an increased demand internationally for factual entertainment series with broad appeal."

David Pounds
Chief executive, Electric Sky

"Since Mipcom we have been very busy with some sales months being the best in the company’s history, so we have high expectations for MipTV. We are lucky to have amazing shows from our producers, with very high ratings attached, some even in glorious 3D. Generally most territories are buying with strong orders from Australasia, Europe and Scandinavia. Factual seems still to be king in the market, which is great for us, and our performance catalogue is showing signs of increased popularity as well. We look forward to launching our exciting New Releases catalogue at MIP with our hallmark of colour and flair."

Francois de Brugada
Executive vp, Banijay Group

"I believe the industry is now genuinely transcending the traditional boundaries of TV. The effect of this is that traditional television companies’ competitive set is changing, as is their product, and the way it is acquired and sold in Cannes. Content suppliers aren’t just competing with other television producers; they’re now competing with any other producer of leisure activities, big or small - in fact anything that attracts eyeballs! Their product is no longer confined to a number of episodes of a television series; they’re now free to sell all ideas and concepts that have the potential for multi platform exploitation. From a simple, smart interactive app to a complex mega entertainment format. The people they are selling to are not just international TV buyers, they are web portal owners, gaming platforms, social media networks, publishers, consumer product manufacturers"

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