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Video: Richard Desmond playing drums at RTS Cambridge

13 September 2013

Here's some brief footage of Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond playing on drums with his band The RD Crusaders at The RTS Cambridge Convention last night.

Desmond, wearing jeans and sunglasses, took to the stage after the RTS dinner in King's College. Earlier in the day he'd given a keynote address to the Convention.

Desmond seemed very much at home behind the drums, with the band playing a setlist including Honky Tonk Women, Mercedes Benz and Since You've Been Gone.

And it's fair to say that - by the end of their hour long set - the band had won over its audience of suited senior TV executives, not necessarily the easiest crowd to play for.

Disappointingly, a call by Desmond earlier in the day for Channel 4 chairman Terry Burns to body surf the crowd during the concert was not heeded.

Certainly, though, the august RTS can't have seen many evenings like it in its history.

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