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Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan  | November 4, 2010
As a doc DP I felt it begin to fall apart with the simultaneous introduction of the use of DV cameras and the introduction to 100s of channels in the late nineties.
Camera ops with zero craft, literally on zero wages, could be sent into a reality situation and like a kind of mobile cctv record reality.
It then transpired that as cheap a production methodology as it was, interesting action annoyingly took weeks to happen in front of the camera(s). So enter the "setup" reality genre to ensure that the investment of production resources could be guaranteed a return in the shortest possible time.
This faux reality/fake honesty has slowly crept into numerous other genres.

I hope that the lowering cost of shooting documentaries will encourage a genre of truly independent self funded works that are not reliant on broadcast TV for distribution. Sadly the elements of camera sound editing directing and producing craft require more than one pair of boots on location, so although we can solve the lack of honesty and integrity in some doc styles by employing this by self funded and shot regime, the documentary that requires craft camera sound and editing has become the domain of international coproductions, a business,creative and operational framework that has its own problems that can results in style over substance and a kind of Euro sameness.

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan

Frank  | November 3, 2010
I have to say that I agree here, I have been exposed to a huge number of documentaries that may as well be documentaries as very little of the content is "reliable". These docs have no factual basis at all other than a basic nod to the title, its very frustrating and something that people are now wise to from the word go, which makes is harder for really compelling and truthful docs, which ironically people just cannot bring themselves to fully believe.
Mark Insoll
Mark Insoll  | November 3, 2010
I could not agree more.

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