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The doctor will see you now

30 March 2010

The new Doctor Who's new exec producer, Piers Wenger, has been chatting to Televisual about how the upcoming series has changed from its previous incarnation.

The first episode of series five TXs this Easter weekend and Wenger, who's taken over from original exec Julie Gardner, will be nervously awaiting the public reaction.

There is of course, a new Doctor on board, Matt Smith, and a new lead writer in Steven Moffat.

Smith's Doctor is "more chaotic, charming in a more bumbling way, less obviously responsible, more unpredictable. He’s quite clumsy as a person, there is a Stan Laurel-ish quality to him," says Wenger.

And on Moffat's writing, he says: "Steven is a very different writer to Russell. His writing has a different character. Blink is a good example of how he likes to use childhood fears to inject jeopardy into his stories. We took that as a lead to bring in a sense of wonderment and fairytale and a little more darkness - that feeling of a classic children’s story.”

Wenger has also brought in a completely new directing team for this series.

We've seen a sneak preview of episode one and it was one of the most engaging bits of TV drama we've seen in a long while.

The full interview will be in April's edition of Televisual

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