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Terry Pratchett on TV adaptations

31 March 2010

In April's Televisual we have a production close-up feature on Going Postal, Mob Films' latest Terry Pratchett Discworld adaptation for Sky 1.

As part of that, we're running a Q&A with the knighted author about how he feels about seeing his books on screen, and how he feels about getting on to the set.

He says: "If I can get on set during filming, I am like a kid with a train set. I'll even hang out with the costume ladies.  I really love getting behind the scenes. When Hogfather was being made I was very impressed with the depiction of Archchancellor Ridcully's study, which was everything a wizard's study should be. But I pointed out to the set dressers that no cleaner in their right mind would ever go into a wizard's study and so it should be a lot more dusty. They actually seemed impressed with this because as they left they were heard to say "he knows his snotting" (snotting up meaning 'distressing' a start or part thereof to make it look well used, but neglected.  Another term we picked at the same time was 'chutney' which apparently means everything lying around that shouldn't be. A film set is full of chutney.)"

See the full feature in April's issue


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