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28 October 2010

In this month’s Storyboard, Underworld says it with flowers; Rushes and Red Bee go back to the future for BBC1; Adams Trainor gets up close and personal with the old masters; Chopsy mixes on vinyl; Manvsmachine makes Nick’s future bright and orange; Dinamo Productions take the Wordles to the small screen; UFO and mathematic fly into space; Billy Goat tries to kick off a property boom and Assaf Hayut creates a perspex human

This is Underworld’s promo for Bird 1, three shots stretched over eight minutes from a digital time-lapse studio shoot set up by still life photographer, Peter Thiedeke. Tomato director Dylan Kendle brought in Glassworks’ Flame artist Duncan Horn to give the shots a painterly feel.

Rushes completed vfx work and grading on this Back To The Future-style promo directed by WHO? through Red Bee for BBC’s Turn Back Time: The High Street series. Hosted by Gregg Wallace, shopkeeping families are transported back to the birth of the high street in the 1870s. The trailer shows a Victorian street scene with a BBC1 minibus, mocked up to look like a time machine, appearing from nowhere, (bursting through a time bubble) and screeching to a halt along the centre of the high street leaving flaming tyre tracks in its wake.

The HD photo mapping sequences in Blakeway’s BBC2 arts series Renaissance Revolution were developed by Adams Trainor. Paul Trainor travelled to Vienna with photographer Rupert Truman to capture every square inch of Raphael’s Madonna of the Meadow using large format cameras fitted with 65 mega pixel capture technology allowing for microscopic interrogation of the surfaces. The detail is so microscopic a photographic print of Madonna of the Meadow using the images from the series would be 12 metres high and fully HD.

Nickelodeon HD from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

ManvsMachine directed and animated this series of logo idents for Nickelodeon's HD channel. The brief was to create an evolution of Nickelodeon's “one-brand” to show-off the network’s recently added HD capabilities.

INTO THE COSMOS - Architeq/Chopsy from Chopsy on Vimeo.

Into the Cosmos by Architeq is Chopsy’s (Aardman’s Darren Robbie’s) first foray into the world of music videos. Using a combination of stop-frame, pixellation, live-action and time lapse animation, old records travel the streets of Bristol.

MTV's BEST HD LIVE PERFORMANCE - TITLES from steve Lewis on Vimeo.

Directors UFO, repped by Not to Scale, created the new intro, closer and bumper teasers, as well as the logo, animated titles and integrated wipes, for MTV show Best Live Performances. Post was at Mathematic.

The Wordles Pilot from Jessica Gunn on Vimeo.

Wales based Dinamo Productions is to go into production on its “multi-layered interactive word and sound association” kids series, The Wordles after winning a three way commission from CBeebies, RTEjr and S4C.

Property Pal Charlie from BillyGoat Entertainment on Vimeo.

Belfast based Billy Goat Entertainment created a series of 30-second commercials for Irish property website The ads see mascot, Charlie, visiting locations around Northern Ireland, planting Rent and Sale signs.

This four-and-a-half-minute film, The Perspex Human, was developed over five-months by animator Assaf Hayut and residents at Dower House, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s (SLaM) adult self-harm service.

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