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jill Allison
jill Allison  | July 6, 2011
It only takes one narcissistic employee or client to create problems in the entire work environment I don't think TV is any worse than any other work place - it just has the potential to be more dramatic given the frequently flamboyant personalities involved. Bullying and harrassment at work can be incredibly difficult to spot until the damage is overt, and equally difficult to resolve when the harasser is as damaged as the harassee. Managers need to be aware of the telltale signs and act in a conrolled firm manner to stamp out this behaviour for the sake of all concerned. Easy to say .......
Stephen Engelhard
Stephen Engelhard  | July 6, 2011
The writers are right to draw attention to the grey area between tough, demanding management and bullying, but that is not the whole story. Having, in recent years, produced a widely used training video about workplace bullying, I now look back on my years in TV in a different light. The worst bullying I experienced, as a young and inexperienced director, was at the hands of a film editor who was supposed to be working for me but seemed intent on undermining me. Bullying is not just done by managers but happens between peers and can be directed up the food chain too. It thrives on insecurity, which is rife in broadcasting.

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