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Margaret Nelson (Castle Douglas)
Margaret Nelson (Castle Douglas)  | May 15, 2017
Inspired already .... interview on Breakfast this morning ... door locked phone off the hook Wednesday 9pm
Katie Dawson
Katie Dawson  | May 12, 2017
Hi Sue, I shall be watching. My cousin Steve was so thrilled to be part of this film as he thought that it would be his legacy for his two children. I\'d like to thank you for that. I\'m sure that you know Steve passed away at the end of November. His courage, strength and tenacity overwhelmed his incredibly close family while he was with us, but he continues to surprise us by thoughtful messages and gifts that he prepared and arranged before he was taken from us.
It will certainly be a tough watch, but we owe it to Steve as he used to tell his children \'While I\'m in your head, I\'ll always be in your heart\'.
Thank you, Katie x
Barbara Chalmers
Barbara Chalmers  | May 12, 2017
Well done Sue. Glad I could help in the early stages by reaching out to our Final Fling community. Can\'t wait to see it. Bx
victoria suffield
victoria suffield  | May 10, 2017
Sue, I too will be watching. A HUGE Thankyou for a truly inspiring day.
Victoria sister to Anita. Yet another inspiring lady.
Lizzie Sanders
Lizzie Sanders  | May 1, 2017
Will be watching it, Sue. I know how thoughtful and careful you were before and during the making of this film and it will be very worthwhile to see.

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