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Rebecca Long
Rebecca Long  | June 6, 2011
I love the very practical insights here. I am a film producer and whether you are a Writer, Director, Producer etc I have found that in the creative industry we are all so passionate about what we do so ideas and projects seem to be so much more personal, emotional than most people's work and as a result you find creative people can be very sensitive. If you then throw into the mix extreme pressures such as time and money and managing a lot of different types of people this makes for a boiling pot of difficulties. A strategy of communicating your vision properly, understanding other people and making sure they feel valued can only help you as a team. I can see this is important from the outset as I have experienced how situations can go out of control. Thanks Janet. Looking forward to the next blog!
Jill Tandy
Jill Tandy  | June 3, 2011
Very interesting , Janet . My own experience in working with the film and TV sectors is that in almost everycase a bad business situation is down to a lack of clear communication- and two way communication at that - people assume far too often that others know what they are talking about and others very often wont admit that they dont- which reminds me of the Sam Goldwyn saying " I dont want yes -men around me,I want everybody to tell me the truth even if it coststhem their jobs ."
Steve Turner
Steve Turner  | June 1, 2011
Janet, good stuff - wise words. Having worked with PR and advertising companies for many years I'm struck by their over-attention to the creative task ie diving into solving it, rather than spending a little time to talk about HOW to work together creatively and using some tools tohelp themselves. Lookingforward to your next thoughts....

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