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Aardman sets tiny record

16 September 2010

Aardman has set a Guinness World Record for the 'Smallest stop-motion animation character in a film', with its new short Dot for Nokia.

The film, directed Aardman collective Sumo Science (Will Studd and Ed Patterson), was shot on the new Nokia N8, with the film showcasing the phone’s 12-megapixel photography capabilities and also the CellScope, an invention by Professor Daniel Fletcher that can attach to a Nokia handset and help diagnose fatal diseases in remote areas of third world countries.

The film features Dot, a tiny 9mm girl who wakes up in a magical, magnified world to discover her surroundings are caving in around her. She escapes the encroaching wave of destruction as her world unravels via a path made up of tiny, familiar objects such as coins, pins, pencil shavings, nuts and bolts, until she finds peace by knitting herself a blanket from the very matter that pursues her.

To create ‘Dot’, Aardman’s in-house production technology engineer, Lew Gardiner worked alongside the Physics Department at the University of Bristol to create their own CellScope production camera. Aardman used Rapid Prototyping 3D printing technology that uses a computer-generated model of an object or character and then prints it in full 3D using a plastic resin material. The entire set was no more than a metre and a half long. The film was painted under a microscope by modelmakers and animated using tweezers. Heather Wright was the executive producer. The agency was W+K.

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